Our solar installation process

Our Solar installation process

Learn how we deliver a customised solar photovoltaic (PV) system that maximises your energy production based on your available solar resource.

Our team accurately measures the available solar resource at your facility and custom designs your solar PV system based on your specific energy needs and goals, so you will know exactly what your system will produce. You can be assured of maximum return on investment and will be able to accurately forecast your energy spend.

Your designed system:

  1. Maximises your available space for solar
  2. Maximises energy production based on your available sunlight
  3. Produces what we say it will
  4. Uses best-quality Tier 1 components that are guaranteed to perform

Here is how we deliver it.

Solar process step 1: Review your solar needs
1. Review your needs
One of the main reasons for choosing solar is to reduce your electricity costs. How much money you could save depends on the suitability of your site. We will: • Discuss your goals in depth • Review your site and electricity usage • Navigate incentives and local regulatory codes • Create a solar PV system design and provide an initial quote
Solar process step 2: Site visit and proposal
2. Site visit and proposal
We conduct an extensive site visit to confirm the initial solar PV system design, inspect electrical systems, and confirm the condition of your site. We then present the final proposal to you, showing you exactly how much you can expect to save by installing solar PV panels.
Solar process step 3: Designing your solar PV solution
3. Designing your solution
We finalise your custom-designed solution that meets the specific energy needs for your site and engineer a final structural and electrical design. To prepare for installation, we apply for all required building and electrical permits.
4. Solar PV system installation
4. Solar PV system installation
Our project managers will work with you to develop an installation plan so that we do not disrupt your business operations. Our team then safely and efficiently installs your PV system. We take care of all local regulatory paperwork and codes and work with your local permitting authorities to conduct the necessary inspections before interconnection to the grid.
Solar process step 5: Go live and monitor
5. Go live and monitor
Following extensive testing, your solar PV system is live and generating energy. From start to finish, the project can take 3–8 months to complete, but our monitoring and aftercare of your solar installation will continue for the 20+ year life of the PV system.
Find out more about how our process delivers a bankable solar PV system for your business.

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