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Generate 100% renewable energy to reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint

Volatile energy prices mean that now is the time to invest in solar power for your organisation. You could benefit from cost and carbon savings by deploying 100% renewable solar supply onsite.

In this brochure, we set out how you can advance your net zero goals, while making long-term cost savings to protect your business from future volatility. 

Download our brochure to unlock our knowledge on:

  • How solar PV works  
  • Factors you need to consider when exploring the case for onsite solar 
  • How you can generate 50% of your site's power needs 
  • The payback you can expect on your solar PV investment 
  • Zero CAPEX finance options
  • Monetising unused space on rooftops or spare land to site solar panels 
  • The success stories of organisations who are benefitting from onsite solar 
  • The Solar Energy Pathway – from planning, design & build – to operation, maintenance & optimisation 
  • Opportunities to combine battery storage to boost energy utilisation & financial returns 
  • Using advanced management software to visualise, track and optimise solar performance


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