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Unlock Solar PV savings with zero CAPEX flexible finance

If budgets are tight, flexible finance options enable you to accelerate your switch to onsite solar – without any upfront capital investment. In this way, we're helping thousands of organisations to unlock the cost and carbon saving benefits of solar PV – for long-term environmental and economic gain. 

Our single solar finance contract covers the complete costs of installing, operating and maintaining your solar asset on a performance-based cost model. Once a project is operational, you repay the investment via your realised energy savings. We can also provide Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) to guarantee your own zero carbon energy supply at a discounted price. 

Download our brochure to learn more about the key features of flexible solar finance: 

  • Gain immediate zero CAPEX access to benefits of onsite solar 
  • Create a commercial agreement that suits your specific needs and financial goals 
  • Generate your own 100% renewable power supply, even on cloudy and rainy days 
  • Simple, single contract covers your assets, ongoing maintenance and finance 
  • Benefit from lower cost power and long-term budget predictability 
  • Monetise unused space, such as spare land or rooftops 
  • Reduce your dependence on expensive grid electricity by around 50% 
  • Create new revenue streams by selling excess power to the grid 
  • Manage commercial risk – with Centrica responsible for energy availability and ongoing operation and maintenance 


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