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Dispelling 5 myths about commercial solar power

We shed some light on 5 misconceptions about large-scale commercial solar power below.

With 4% of the UK’s 2021 electricity demand supplied by solar photovoltaics (PV), more and more organisations are investigating whether commercial solar power is the right choice for them. But despite growing interest and investment, there are still some misconceptions about solar technology.

We’ve identified 5 myths your organisation might be facing about commercial solar power, and rounded up the facts to dispel them. Are any of these misconceptions preventing you from harnessing the power of the sun?


Myth 1: Solar is too expensive – our organisation can’t invest right now

With volatile energy prices and unpredictable budgets to contend with, you may not be considering a large-scale investment. But even if you don’t have the upfront capital to invest in solar, there are still options to secure your energy supply for the future.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) can help you to install solar without capital outlay. We'll install a solar system on your site to generate low-cost electricity. Then, for the length of your contract, you'll purchase this power at a discounted rate. So, without the need for upfront investment, you can still unlock savings with solar.

Once you’ve deployed commercial solar power, you could make savings for years to come. Deploying solar means that you’re likely to create your own energy at a cheaper rate than purchasing from the National Grid. You could save up to 30% on your electricity spend, helping you to cut costs in the long term.

And with on-site power generation, you can also decrease your reliance on grid energy. You’ll reduce how much electricity you need to import from the grid, so you'll be less exposed to volatile price changes outside of your control. With consistent costs, you can predict your energy spend and effectively manage your budget - making large-scale commercial solar power a great way to increase your efficiency and resilience.

Myth 2: Solar won’t work for our site – we don’t get enough sunlight

Many organisations believe their sites don’t receive enough sunshine – or at least enough to make solar a worthwhile investment. But, according to National Geographic, enough sunlight hits Earth every hour to power the world’s electricity needs for an entire year. In other words, no matter where your site is, solar power works incredibly well.

This explains why many organisations can offset up to 50% of their electricity needs with solar – or sometimes even more. Optimal system design is crucial to this. Our solar team will design a system tailored to your site, maximising the space available. With our 20 years of expertise behind your investment, you’ll know that you're getting the most out of solar.

And what about cloudy or cool climates? It's true that direct sunlight is best for solar energy. But even on cloudy days, solar panels still generate clean and efficient electricity. This is because:

  • Visible light still gets through (which is why you’re able to see)
  • UV light comes through (which is why some people get sunburned on overcast days)
  • Infrared light gets through (which is why you still feel warm on cloudy, summer days)

Contrary to popular belief, large-scale commercial solar power works best in colder temperatures. This inverse relationship between temperature and performance partly explains why Germany has seen such success with solar. So no matter where your organisation is based, you could utilise the power of the sun.

Myth 3: Solar must be installed on a lot of roof space – our site doesn’t have room for it

Solar panels do work well on large roof space. But there are still options for sites that have large pieces of unused space elsewhere – such as land.

There are several types of commercial solar power available, including:

  • Ground-mounted solar, with solar panels installed on underused land space such as fields
  • Roof-mounted solar, with solar panels installed on building roofs
  • Solar car canopies for EV charging, providing power to electric vehicle infrastructure

With ground-mounted solar, you can turn your underused real estate into a power-generating asset. Installing on land means you can make most of the space you already have, no matter the size of your buildings.

And the obverse is also true - if you don't have much available land, there could still be options for you to invest in solar. Large roof space or EV canopies are a great way to turn your buildings into sources of power.

Our solar experts can help you to identify which type of commercial solar power is right for you. And with our 20 years of design expertise behind your system, you’ll know it’s maximising your site’s potential.

Myth 4: Solar technology is constantly improving – we’re better off waiting

This is true for any technology, not just solar. But a well-maintained Solar system can last for over 25 years. And if you choose to work with us, you can be sure it's built to last. We use high-quality equipment from Tier 1 manufacturers, built to last for decades.

In addition, our Solar O&M packages can proactively maintain your system and rapidly respond to faults. So if you partner with us to design, install, and maintain your solar solution, you can rest assured that it's safe and secure for the future.

And you could use the savings you make from Solar to invest in other low-carbon technologies, too. With up to 30% potential savings on your energy spend, you could accelerate your pathway to net zero by investing in solutions like Heat Pumps – helping you to become even more sustainable.

Myth 5: Going solar is a lot of work – it’ll take time away from our daily operations

This is the easiest of all the myths to dispel. Our solar experts offer a customised service that delivers the best in everything. We'll design your system with inverter options that optimise production, and install high-quality equipment. And after it's switched on, we can maintain and monitor it throughout its lifetime.

  • End-to-end solution management
  • Affordable, competitive pricing with in-house funding available
  • Professionally engineered and designed solar systems based on your available space
  • Safe installation with quality workmanship
  • Highest-quality equipment using Tier 1 system components
  • Maximised system production and electricity savings
  • O&M packages tailored to your needs

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