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What are Energy Centres, and could your organisation benefit from one?

For a simple and straightforward approach to energy management, consider an Energy Centre

The energy landscape of the UK and Ireland is changing rapidly. From low-carbon onsite electricity solutions to the advent of hydrogen-powered heating and cooling, staying up-to-date with the best solutions for your organisation can be complicated.

But as these solutions develop, so do strategies for managing your energy. One of these is Energy Centres, which can help you to consolidate your energy solutions for simple and straightforward management. Read on to find out how this approach could transform your strategy.


What are Energy Centres?

Energy Centres are buildings which house multiple energy solutions. They’re often found in large organisations such as manufacturing or food production, or public institutions like hospitals and prisons, which have high energy demand.

Your Energy Centre typically provides heat, cooling, steam and/or electricity for a group of buildings at your site, from a single location. This means that you don’t need to invest in or maintain separate energy solutions for each building, simplifying your approach to energy management.

Energy Centres typically include heat and power generation solutions. This may include hydrogen-ready cogeneration or trigeneration (CHP/CCHP), a Heat Pump, solar, or boilers. The centre itself could be created as a standalone building, or incorporated into the current structure of your site – giving you significant flexibility in how you develop your site.


Is an Energy Centre right for your business?

There are many benefits to investing in an Energy Centre. By condensing your energy solutions into a single location, your organisation could benefit from improved resilience and simplified management.

  • Provide decentralised heat, steam, cooling and/or electricity from a single location where all utilities terminate
  • Improve efficiency versus traditional heating and cooling, by reducing the need to operate multiple energy generation assets
  • Meet demand from 100s of kW through to MWs of generation
  • Ensure resilience across multiple energy demands
  • Simplify your maintenance strategy by maintaining fewer assets, and needing to run fewer temporary assets in the event of plant downtime or maintenance
  • Progress your net zero goals flexibility by blending solutions in a way that works for your organisation – such as tribrid generation, combining CHP, solar and Heat Pumps


How can we help you to invest in an Energy Centre?

If an Energy Centre sounds suitable for your organisation, we can help you to turn your initial idea into reality. We’re experts in the full scope of integrated energy asset deployment, and can support you at every stage of developing your solution.

Our team of experts can fully design and install your Energy Centre, including constructing a standalone building to house your solutions if needed. We can also directly fund your project with our range of in-house energy financing contracts, helping you to access immediate savings with no upfront capital investment needed.

Depending on your contract, we can also own and operate the Energy Centre, utilising our expert technicians to take care of your energy assets. Or, if you’d prefer to take care of maintaining your solution yourself, we can pass maintenance responsibility to your onsite team. Whatever the unique needs of your organisation are, we can help.


Speak to our experts about Energy Centres

Our team have almost 40 years of experience with integrated energy solutions, and as part of Centrica plc, we’re part of a 200-year legacy of leadership in the energy industry. So, you can rest assured that your Energy Centre will be in safe hands. And with experience in multi-tech solutions in both the public and private sector, we’ll ensure that your Energy Centre works for the unique needs of your organisation.

To find out more, complete our simple form to tell our experts more about your organisation and your proposed project.

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