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Do you have a hydrogen CHP project in mind?

Are you a large organisation that consumes over 500,000 kWh of electricity and is planning to invest in hydrogen CHP in the next 12 months?

As one of the UK’s leading Combined Heat and Power suppliers and operators, we can help you to transform your business with hydrogen ready CHP. Tell us about your project by completing our simple form to get the conversation started.

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Why choose Centrica Business Solutions for your hydrogen CHP unit?

  • Flex your hydrogen ready CHP unit around your needs, with up to 100% hydrogen blend options available
  • Transition when you’re ready, with fuel switching services available through our expert O&M team
  • Lean on our expertise as partners in a range of hydrogen projects
  • Invest in hydrogen renewable energy with no upfront capital by choosing our flexible financing options
  • Integrate hydrogen cogeneration into your net zero journey with our 7-step pathway
We’ve partnered with 2G Energy AG to provide up to 100% hydrogen ready CHP units
Our latest hydrogen projects

We’re proud to be supporting the UK and Ireland’s transition to a hydrogen-powered future. With several partners, we’re working on a range of hydrogen ready assets and projects.

HiiROC banner and machinery
Our partnership with HiiROC

Centrica has taken a minority stake in HiiROC, who produce low-cost, zero emission “emerald” hydrogen from biomethane, flare gas or natural gas. This process uses just one-fifth of the energy needed by water electrolysis.

Brigg_Centrica_battery storage plant
Injecting hydrogen at Brigg

With HiiROC, we’re piloting a project to inject “emerald” hydrogen into our gas peaking plant at Brigg, Lincolnshire. This will be the first time hydrogen is used within a grid-connected gas fired power plant in the UK.

Our partnership with Equinor
Transforming our infrastructure at Rough and Easington Terminal

We’ve signed a co-operation agreement with Equinor to explore the development of a low-carbon hydrogen production hub at Easington, East Yorkshire. We’re also making progress on our plans to convert our Rough natural gas storage reservoir into a hydrogen storage facility.

Hydrogen 560x178.png
Creating a hydrogen pathway with Ryze

We’re working with Ryze to build and operate hydrogen production facilities, with the aim of supplying hydrogen for industry and transportation. We’re also exploring the development of a hydrogen refuelling facility to fully decarbonise our fleet of British Gas vehicles.

Hydrogen-ready peaker in Redditch
Blending fuels at Redditch

We have constructed a new hydrogen-blend-ready gas-fired peaking plant in Redditch, Worcestershire. It's designed to support times of high or peak demand for electricity, and can power the equivalent of 2,000 homes for a full day, helping to maintain stability and reliability on the grid. The plant is capable of using a blend of natural gas and hydrogen, futureproofing the site and supporting the UK’s transition towards a decarbonised energy system. 

Our Operations & Maintenance (O&M) experts can keep your hydrogen-ready CHP unit running efficiently

Hydrogen CHP benefits for your organisation

  • Accelerate your pathway to net zero with a low-carbon fuel for your operations
  • Future-proof your organisation with the ability to adjust or switch your CHP unit fuel
  • Reduce your reliance on grid power, improving your organisation’s resilience
  • Stabilise your budget with predictable electricity costs
  • Reach efficiency rates of over 80% by utilising waste heat onsite

Speak to our hydrogen CHP experts

Do you have a hydrogen CHP project in mind? Contact our team of experts today to find out how you could accelerate your pathway to a low carbon future.

Hydrogen CHP frequently asked questions

Hydrogen CHP is a type of Combined Heat and Power system, which runs on up to 100% hydrogen fuel. This provides heat and power onsite simultaneously, with waste heat from the power generation process recovered and utilised onsite.

H2-CHP stands for Hydrogen CHP, a low-carbon method of supplying heat and power to your business simultaneously.

There are two main types of hydrogen CHP. Dual-channel CHP uses a blend of two fuels, such as hydrogen and natural gas. Pure hydrogen CHP uses only hydrogen as a fuel. CHP can be run from a range of “colours” of hydrogen, such as green hydrogen (made using renewable electricity).

Green hydrogen can be used as a fuel in hydrogen CHP to power electricity and heat generation. This type of hydrogen is created by utilising renewable electricity for electrolysis, which splits water into hydrogen and oxygen.

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