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Quick guide: Calculating the cost of not investing in CHP or Solar PV

Making the business case for installing onsite energy generation solutions in the current economic climate may be difficult. But is the price of doing nothing greater than the cost of investing?

Our quick guide highlights your organisation’s potential savings from installing Combined Heat and Power (CHP) vs. sticking with your traditional boiler. And how harnessing renewable energy with Solar PV installation is more cost-effective than simply getting all your energy from the grid. 

Find out how much money your organisation could save over the next 5 years by investing in energy solutions today, by downloading the guide below.

Ready to unlock cost savings with CHP or Solar PV installation?

Installing CHP or Solar PV could result in significant financial savings for your organisation, allowing you to reinvest money where your organisation needs it the most. If you’re thinking of investing in onsite energy generation, why wait to take action?

Our team have almost 40 years of experience in integrated energy solutions, and our CHP and Solar experts can help you design, build and deploy the right end-to-end solutions to suit your needs. To speak to our team about deploying CHP or Solar PV, complete our short form to tell us about your requirements.

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