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Cost increases are the primary pressure for the industrial manufacturing sector. According to Make UK, Over 7 in 10 manufacturers have seen reduced margins or profits as their energy bills have increased. Industrial manufacturers are now looking at on-site energy generation as a way to protect their margins and long-term profitability. Investing in the right technologies can help you pivot quickly, improving efficiency and increasing competitiveness.




CEMEX reduces energy consumption with energy insights solutions
Centrica Business Solutions’ energy insights solutions is enabling global building materials giant CEMEX to make direct cost savings and efficiency improvements at sites across the UK.
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How can energy enable a profitable future?

We’ve built and operated utility-scale energy assets for years, so we know the potential challenges and pitfalls inside-out. We also know how to maximise new opportunities. With our seven-stage approach to building Energy Pathways, we can be trusted to solve your decarbonised energy needs.

Our guide to the economics of Combined heat and Power (CHP) and why now is the right time to invest- helping you to strengthen your business case.

Making it your business: How to pursue net zero

Your practical guide to accelerating a sustainable energy pathway for businesses.

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