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Alleviate volatility with solar power, now and into the future

With large-scale solar power at your organisation, you could make savings today and reduce the impact of unpredictable prices tomorrow.

Grid electricity prices are volatile, especially in today’s unpredictable energy environment. And it’s not just electricity that’s impacting business budgets – unstable prices are affecting many organisations in several areas. This can put pressure on your organisation’s bottom line, and complicate predicting your energy spend. But with solar power, you could reduce your costs and secure a stable source of energy on-site.

With large-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, you can use clean and free sunshine to generate electricity on-site. This could dramatically improve your bottom line, but the benefits of large-scale solar power don’t stop there. Read more to find out how large-scale solar panels can help your organisation to make cost savings today, tomorrow and into the future.

How solar power can make you more competitive today

With industrial-scale solar power, you can unlock an immediate financial advantage. By installing solar PV panels today, you can enjoy energy savings straight away – and thus, immediately higher profits.

Powering your organisation with solar panels means that you can harness free, clean energy. By offsetting your grid electricity consumption, you can reduce your energy spend. You’ll be able to convert more revenue into profit – and you could even use these savings to invest in other integrated energy solutions to reduce your costs and emissions even further.

On top of this, installing large-scale Solar can turn your unused real estate into a cost-efficient asset. Spaces such as expansive roofs, large pieces of land or even some unused bodies of water could be the perfect location for your new Solar solution. So from day one, you’ll have transformed underutilised spaces into the key to your energy transformation – immediately saving you money and making the most of your estate.

Solar team installing roof mount solar panels

How solar can protect you from price volatility tomorrow

Over the course of its lifetime, your large-scale Solar installation could reduce your energy costs by up to 30%. But reducing your everyday operational costs isn’t the only benefit of going solar.

Many organisations rely on grid energy to power their operations. Amid volatile energy prices, this means it can be difficult to forecast your electricity spend and manage your operational expenses. But in contrast to grid energy, the sunshine powering large-scale solar remains the same price forever. By installing solar panels for electricity on-site, you can avoid the instability of reliance on the grid – making your organisation more resilient and more independent.

So while some organisations may face challenges with volatile grid prices, those who install solar are tapping into an abundant energy source that helps shield them from future changes. This can be a powerful competitive advantage – especially if you operate in an industry with narrow profit margins.

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How you can finance your Solar investment

Many organisations believe that an energy solution like industrial-scale Solar must require a large capital investment, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

If you do have the funds, purchasing your solar PV system with upfront capital is an option that makes solar an investment – one that pays for itself in the form of higher savings and profits.

But what if you don’t have the capital? No problem. There’s still an option for going solar and reducing your energy bill: using a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). With a PPA, you purchase low-cost electricity generated from the solar panels installed at your site at a discounted rate for the term of the contract. You’ll still make savings, without the need for significant capital outlay. So no matter which financing approach you use, solar power can help you save money and boost the profitability of your business.


Learn more about your Solar opportunity

Interested in saving money on your energy consumption, shielding your organisation from price increases, and making the most of your estate? Find out more below about how you can access immediate savings and future protection with large-scale solar power.

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