Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Deploy a secure, flexible and affordable on-site energy generation solution with CHP.

As the UK’s leading supplier and operator of Combined Heat and Power units, we have been supporting businesses and public sector organisations with on-site generation for over 30 years. And with over 3,200 CHP units deployed and managed by our engineering and maintenance teams, we have the expertise to design, deploy and maintain high performing units.

Our solution provides the energy you need with a typical payback period of 2-3 years, cutting energy costs by up to 40%. All engines are specifically designed to meet your requirements; and with a range of asset financing options available to support any business case, CHP is the perfect option for any business looking to create energy independence with on-site generation.

Reduce energy costs by using CHP on-site generation

Learn more about Combined Heat and Power
Watch our video and see how you can use CHP to create your own heat and electricity efficiently and reliably to reduce your dependence on the grid, while reducing the price you pay for your energy.  

Benefits for your business

  • Reduce energy costs by generating electricity on-site, at a rate around one-third the cost of national supplier prices.
  • Be more energy efficient with a CHP plant that runs almost twice as efficient as traditional generation.
  • Enhance site resilience, reduce grid reliance and minimise the risk of operational failures from energy interruptions.
  • Be more sustainable using CHP to reduce NOx emissions and help meet BREEAM when designing new buildings.
  • Minimise planning risks, avoid obstacles and reduce project costs with our design supported 3D scanning capability.
Reduction in energy costs with on-site power and free heat utilisation.
CHP projects typically have a pay back of 2-3 years on deployed units.
CHP plants can reach efficiency ratings in excess of 80%.
Find technical support for BREEAM, NOx and other planning considerations, as well as technical details about our product ranges.

Download your Essential Guide to CHP

We understand the power of CHP to improve business performance, resilience and value. But to assess whether Combined Heat and Power is right for your organisation you need access to the right level of information to make the best choice.

This is why we have put together our Essential Guide to CHP, a detailed document covering a range of topics that can help your business:

  • The basics of Combined Heat and Power
  • Applications and fuel options
  • Benefits and economics
  • Feasibility and project quality
  • Technology selection
  • Water and cooling systems
  • Installation and operation costs
  • Available asset financing options
  • Proven examples and case studies

Complete the form to download your copy.

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • Over 30 years experience as a global pioneer of modern CHP technology.
  • Financial options, a range of purchase options available to suit your organisation's goals.
  • Experience and track record, with the largest fleet of operation and maintenance technicians in the UK​.
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of spare parts available for next day delivery
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