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Powering the utility sector

Powering the utility sector

We help utilities and aggregators enhance consumer experience by offering innovative energy technology and services to optimize their profits and enable their Energy-as-a-Service offerings.

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The energy landscape is changing, and energy users are demanding efficient services and more flexible, innovative and sustainable products. Energy consumers expect you to provide simple, straightforward and cost effective, Energy-as-a-Service solutions. Our industry-leading technology, services and expertise enables you to offer ever-evolving products and services to your customers. From software and hardware to financing, Centrica Business Solutions will help you to stay ahead of the changing market to serve your customers.

Learn how we joined forces with Japan’s largest power company, TEPCO, to deliver industrial demand response capacity for the Japanese grid.

Our energy solutions

Our innovative, flexible energy solutions include insights, analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT) technology that enable demand side energy flexibility. Taking advantage of new energy technologies and new approaches to energy management can help to alleviate pressures on utilities.

We provide the technical expertise and turnkey services utilities need to design and implement their customer energy efficiency programs

How energy can enable a profitable future?

New approaches to energy management have an important role to play in enabling utilities to respond to the challenges they face. There are four key areas utility companies need to focus on.