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About Centrica Business Solutions North America

About us We analyze, finance, install, operate and optimize energy – finding the right balance between what’s good for your organization and the planet we share.

Energy. We’re using more of it and paying more attention to where it comes from, how much we use and how much it costs. There is an urgent need for a new approach to energy management.

Centrica Business Solutions delivers integrated energy solutions that balance profitability and sustainability. By bringing together the right combination of technologies and approaches, we help organizations get the most from their energy and drive the most value from their energy infrastructure – helping them to solve their energy challenges and harness new opportunities in a changing world. As an Energy Service Company (ESCO), our broad portfolio includes:

Drive the most value from your energy infrastructure

With global presence in 34 countries, we are an energy service company with the experience it takes to reduce complexity and risk from your energy investments.

An energy service company offering efficient, resilient and sustainable energy solutions

Digitalization and climate change mean organizations need to be more energy efficient and resilient, as well as limit their impact on the environment – all while maintaining control of their energy spend.

An energy service company with global presence, local operations

We are an energy service company that collaborates with commercial, industrial and public sector organizations around the world who have a large or critical need for energy – and have regional operations across the continental United States to provide local service and expertise.

Fully-funded options available with no capital outlay
of solar installed globally – delivering clean, renewable energy
of flexible assets under management globally

As a leading energy service company, we can play a pivotal role in tackling climate change. We work closely with our customers to help them deliver their environmental sustainability goals.