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World’s biggest commercial EV project wins environmental sustainability prize

Optimise Prime, a leading industry alliance of which Centrica is headline member, wins the Environmental Sustainability category prize at the 2019 Hitachi Transformation Awards.

Changing social attitudes, concerns over climate change and air quality, stringent government regulation and rapid technological advances are accelerating the shift towards electric vehicles. Demand for EVs is rapidly growing, putting increased pressure on businesses to make the switch across their commercial fleet.

Nonetheless, while many organizations recognize the benefits of EVs, they need to overcome significant challenges before they’re able to adopt them – from developing the right distributed energy model for delivering efficient charging, to separating personal and business power use where vehicles are charged at drivers’ homes.

Award-winning EV alliance

As the world’s largest commercial EV project, Optimise Prime is tackling the full range of challenges that organizations are facing as they transition to electric transport. Bringing together an alliance of leading power, technology, transportation and technology companies – including Centrica – Optimise Prime is testing and implementing the best approaches to rolling out electric vehicles for commercial enterprises. Watch our video to find out more:

Recognizing the significant value Optimise Prime is driving for businesses and society, the alliance was awarded the Environmental Sustainability category prize at the recent 2019 Hitachi Transformation Awards.

The Hitachi Transformation Awards aim to inspire leaders across different industries to embrace the digital revolution. Award winners were selected from more than 35 nominations collected from over 100 countries worldwide. This year, Hitachi Vantara acknowledged customers in the following categories: Enterprise Business Transformation, Data Insights Optimization, Social Innovation and Environmental Sustainability.

Challenges of large-scale electrification

Led by global data technology solutions provider Hitachi Vantara and electricity distributor UK Power Networks, Optimise Prime is taking 3,000 electric vehicles to the road, from organizations including Centrica, Uber and Royal Mail, supported by distributor Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, Hitachi Europe and Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions.

Its ultimate aim is to develop practical ways to overcome the upfront costs that prevent many of the country’s biggest commercial vehicle operators from making the switch to EVs. It will help to overcome the challenges of large-scale electrification of commercial vehicles by delivering an end-to-end view of what the switch to EVs means: for the infrastructure that delivers electricity to the community; for businesses that need to invest in new infrastructure; and for the end users that need to power their vehicles.

If your organization is considering making the switch to EVs, visit our EV Enablement page to learn more about how we can support your transition. Bringing together our global expertise and technology, we deliver an end-to-end solution that helps organizations make the switch faster, simpler and more cost-effective.

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