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The proposed sale of Direct Energy does not impact Centrica Business Solutions – Read more

Energy Supply and Renewables

Power your business ambitions with our range of fixed, flexible and renewable electricity and gas supply solutions.

Every organization has a unique shape to their power and gas demands, so you need a supplier that’s flexible in how they support your business. Whatever your business needs, we can assist you with expert insight and advice on the right energy purchasing approach for your organization, ensuring you maximize opportunity and minimize risk.

Our sister company Direct Energy Business offers a portfolio of electricity, gas and renewable supply products that combine with our distributed energy solutions to enhance business value and efficiency, increase resilience and deliver your pathway to sustainability.

The proposed sale of Direct Energy does not impact Centrica Business Solutions' presence in North America, we continue to deliver energy solutions to our customers.

Benefits for your business

  • Work with the one of the largest suppliers of electricity and gas to businesses in North America
  • Utilize a flexible range of procurement strategies and solutions, tailored to suit your unique business requirements
  • Access 100% renewable energy with long-and short-term procurement agreements and carbon offsets
  • Enroll in demand response programs to enhance supply / demand management and generate revenue
  • Benefit from account management professionals with extensive energy management expertise

Business and public sector customers accounts in North America.

North American electricity supply volume to businesses.
Total Demand Response load under management in North America

Learn more about Direct Energy Business and their renewable energy solutions.

Renewable energy supply and carbon credits

You have sustainability goals. Direct Energy Renewable Services has the strategies and products you need to meet them.

Contact us to find out more about integrated renewables and distributed energy solutions.

Procurement and management solutions

As one of North America's largest commercial energy providers, Direct Energy Business is uniquely positioned to deliver smart energy procurement strategies for your business across electricity and natural gas supply. Whatever your business needs, Direct Energy Business can assist you with expert insight and advice on the right purchasing approach, ensuring you maximize opportunity and minimize risk.

  • Power procurement and management - Every organization has a unique shape of their energy load. Our experts can recommend a custom power purchasing approach that maximizes opportunity and minimizes risk.
  • Natural gas procurement and management - The natural gas marketplace enables large energy users to employ a range of strategies aligned to your risk tolerance, budget and energy strategy. Our team can help you create a gas procurement approach that meets your organization's targets.

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • Enhance value and reduce risk with a single supplier for supply, trading and distributed energy solutions
  • Integrate your distributed energy solutions with energy supply from one of North America's largest providers
  • Take advantage of a flexible range of energy procurement strategies and tailored products suited to requirements
  • Implement long-term risk management strategies supported by our expert energy trading and risk teams
  • State-of-the-art data capture and analysis platforms that provide deeper insight into your energy profile