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End-to-end energy solutions

In collaboration with our sister company, Direct Energy Business, we offer an unrivaled suite of next-generation energy solutions for businesses.

Direct Energy Business has been part of Centrica plc, a global energy and services leader, since the year 2000. Now, with the formation of Centrica Business Solutions, together, we can offer an unrivalled portfolio of commodity supply and distributed energy solutions that improve operational efficiency, increase resilience and support the future of your business.

The evolution of energy is happening in the form of new insights, new technologies--and new energy sources--from generation to storage and management. These changes are inspiring new ways of working that allow large enterprises to transform their energy footprint into a source of true competitive advantage.

With Direct Energy Business, we deliver energy management strategies and end-to-end energy services. Smarter procurement strategies can be informed by energy insights. Innovative demand response programs can be employed to manage energy supply/demand and generate revenue. And, we can offer advanced energy management approaches to mitigate risk, manage budget or integrate new technologies into your energy strategy.

Power and natural gas supply


Customized Power and Natural Gas procurement

Large organizational energy users have a range of opportunities for maximizing the value of their spending on electricity and natural gas in the energy marketplace.

As one of North America’s largest commercial energy providers, our sister company Direct Energy Business is uniquely positioned to deliver powerfully smart procurement strategies for your traditional electricity and natural gas and supply.

Power procurement & management

Every organization has a unique shape of their “load”—how much electricity is used and when it is consumed. Based on this unique profile, Direct Energy Business uses their expertise to recommend a purchasing approach that aligns with your goals and your needs—from maximizing opportunity to minimizing risk.

Natural gas procurement & management

As with electricity, the natural gas marketplace presents large organizations with the ability to employ a range of strategies for natural gas procurement. As one of the largest commercial natural gas suppliers in North America, Direct Energy Business has the strength and capabilities to deliver approaches for procurement that are aligned to your risk tolerance, budget and over-arching energy strategy.

Benefits for business

  • Procurement strategies from Centrica’s North American commercial supplier
  • Access to wholesale energy market pricing
  • Align your procurement strategy with in-place distributed energy solutions
  • Work with the energy supplier to 78% of the Fortune 100

Align procurement with distributed energy solutions

From energy insights to power generation, demand response and energy efficiency, distributed energy solutions can be used to optimize any procurement strategy for electricity and natural gas. With our already years-long partnership in place, Centrica Business Solutions and Direct Energy Business can seamlessly integrate your supply and your demand.