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Energy Insight

Improve operational efficiency, reduce business risk and uncover opportunities for revenue generation

Operational efficiency and cost reduction have never been more important for your business, making visibility into your energy usage, savings and opportunity areas and control over energy services essential.

Improve your business performance and identify opportunities for growth, revenue, and efficiency through data-driven decision making that drives your energy strategy.

Our Energy Insight solution PowerRadar® provides a single end-to-end view of your energy strategy

Energy Insight is delivered by our integrated solution platform, PowerRadar®. You can now manage all your energy data through our industry-leading management platform in real-time, eliminating any need for multiple interfaces for your energy assets or overhauling your infrastructure. Our Energy Insight device-level energy monitoring technology, combined with our online and mobile platform, delivers actionable intelligence from device to estate level to inform your energy strategy. Use your real-time data to:

  • Establish goals for and track success of energy efficiency efforts
  • Right-size your on-site energy generation asset investment
  • Identify opportunity to optimize your energy, and use that flexibility to generate a revenue stream for your business

And as your strategy evolves, so will PowerRadar. Over time, new technologies and data sources, from our own assets and others, will be available through PowerRadar, making it a single view into what powers your business.

Sensors installed on customer devices
Sites across more than 40 countries
Data points monitored monthly

What is Energy Insight?

Our Energy Insight solution provides visibility into exactly how your business uses energy—right down to device level. It gives you the intelligence you need to reduce power waste, improve your operational efficiency and create a comprehensive energy strategy based on your existing energy data. Device-level energy insight is provided by our Panoramic Power self-powered, wireless sensors that transmit real-time data from your energy-using equipment to PowerRadar.

What is PowerRadar®?

PowerRadar will sit at the heart of your energy strategy—giving you complete and detailed visibility into their energy performance—in one easy-to-use energy management platform accessible via desktop, tablet or mobile application. It simplifies the way your business manages its energy—gaining greater visibility and control over energy services and costs and bringing together all the intelligence you need in a single dashboard to benchmark usage, identify risks and spot opportunities, enabling you to understand, predict and optimize your energy to generate revenue.

PowerRadar provides detailed and up-to-date visibility over your energy performance from any place, at any time—helping you turn your energy into a competitive asset to your business.

PowerRadar®—Powerfully simple energy intelligence

We’re developing PowerRadar as an integral part of our product suite, so that any solution you buy from Centrica Business Solutions can be monitored from a single dashboard. It is a platform that will continue to grow alongside your business and technology requirements.

Use our mobile app to keep end-to-end energy visibility and strategy in your pocket
Future proof
A single view of all your energy assets, now and as you expand
PowerRadar sits at the heart of your energy strategy—giving you complete and detailed visibility into your energy performance—in one easy-to-use energy management platform

The benefits of PowerRadar for your business

  • Gain better understanding of your energy usage with real-time, device-level visibility to make data-driven decisions
  • Benchmark, measure and improve operational efficiency
  • Reduce risk of equipment failure with predictive analytics
  • Decrease spend by taking action once you identify inefficiencies and wastage
  • Reduces energy bills or generate revenue streams from your energy flexibilty
  • Right-size your asset investment for greater ROI

#1 Supporting your energy strategy every step of the way

As an innovative provider of end-to-end energy solutions, we’re committed to helping you take control of your energy strategy to meet your business goals—sharing our deep expertise to keep you ahead.

#2 Making future energy, commercially viable

We’re committed to Distributed Energy with plans to invest £1b into the business by 2020 to meet changing business and energy needs. PowerRadar is just one of the ways we’re working to arm you with the intelligence you need to plan, assess and justify future investments—helping your business to grow and succeed.

#3 Helping your business to be always-on

We know unplanned outages—whether they’re caused by disruptions to your energy supply or by malfunctioning machinery—can have a big impact on your business. That’s why tools like PowerRadar help you spot and address issues before they can impact your productivity.

6 mos
ROI at a Chicago office space that reduced annual energy use by more than 3 million KWh
Increased Demand Response revenues of a hospital group save 3.5MW of energy and increase their Demand Response earnings by $50k a year
Energy savings from a manufacturing facility through better understanding of their energy usage