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Asset-Backed Demand Response

Generate revenue while adding energy resilience by leveraging our demand response services to place your new or refurbished energy assets in demand response programs.

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Asset-backed demand response enables organizations to access backup on-site power generation and storage assets and use them to participate in demand response programs to generate revenue, fund new assets, or fund Operations & Maintenance (O&M) costs on those assets. Protect your operations against grid instability with on-site generation to reduce the impact of power outages and mitigate risks – such as downtime and product loss – without upfront capital by funding your assets through demand response program participation.

Demand response services provided by demand response companies like Centrica Business Solutions can help your organization leverage your Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) for market participation to eliminate disruption in your business during events. Our leading technology can help you gain even more value from your demand response program.

Fund backup generation assets with Demand Response

Use your earned revenue from Demand Response participation to upgrade your existing generator, purchase a new generator, or fund O&M costs on your generator.

Asset-backed demand response supports energy resilience
Build energy resilience
You need to keep your organization running 24/7 – and generators protect your organization's critical power needs by providing energy resilience in the event of grid outages.
Asset-backed demand response supports revenue generation
Generate revenue
When not in use for resilience, generators can be run to support Demand Response so that you can participate in events without disruption to your operations.
Asset-backed demand response supports investment costs
Fund associated investment costs
Use your revenue from Demand Response participation to fund an upgrade to your existing generator, fund a new generator, or fund the required O&M plan for a generator.
Asset-backed demand response supports generator exercising
Maximize generator exercising
Schedule your generator exercises alongside Demand Response tests and events whenever possible – to simultaneously ensure your equipment is running as expected and earn revenue.

Benefits of asset-backed DR

  • Generate revenue using your on-site power generating and storing assets.
  • Fund a portion of your backup generation with market participation.
  • Utilize DERs for DR participation by leveraging flexibility in your operations to maximize value from your energy assets.
  • Participate without disruption leveraging on-site generation, such as standby generators, for DR.
  • Minimize risk and view curtailment in real-time with energy insights and our desktop/mobile app, PowerRadarTM.
of businesses have experienced an energy related failure in the past 12 months
Annual revenue at risk due to energy uncertainty
of business energy is projected to be generated on-site by 2025
Demand response resources
Demand response brochure
Maximize your energy infrastructure
Download our overview brochure to learn how our demand response services help your organization unlock the most value from your energy infrastructure by transforming your energy-consuming and generating assets into a revenue stream – just for being flexible with how your organization uses energy from the grid.
Discover how energy load management can power your sustainable growth.

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • Fully-managed demand response services that simplify inherent DR market complexity.
  • Financed solutions to decrease or eliminate capital outlay for resilience.
  • Unparalleled experience demonstrated through our global presence, long-term relationships, unrivaled technology, and dedicated in-house team.
  • Deep market expertise and top-tier customer experience to identify the most revenue-generating opportunities for energy.
  • Ongoing support provided by our dedicated Demand Response Operations team.
4 ISOs
Access across 4 ISOs in North America
10 yrs
Our proven track record in DR markets
Total DR load under management in North America

Complete planning and performance visibility with PowerRadar

Learn more about our industry-leading demand side energy management software that brings the intelligence and visibility you need to understand and analyze your entire energy infrastructure – and maximizes your demand response program.


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