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World Leader in Pop-Up Truck Campers Saves $180,000 Annually with Lighting Upgrades

Four Wheel Pop-Up Campers’ lighting upgrades reduced utility bills, optimized illumination and paid for itself within 3 years; all with no up-front investment.

annual utility cost savings
tons of CO2 reduction
of lighting upgrades achieved without any up-front capital

The Challenge

Founded in 1972, Four Wheel Pop-Up Campers is now a world leader in pop-up truck campers.

Their existing lighting was outdated, and failed to effectively illuminate their production area and showroom. And, since they didn’t have any lighting controls, lights were left on all day until they were manually turned off when the last person left the building.

While they understood that upgrading their lighting system would improve facility lighting, and reduce their utility bills, Four Wheel Campers leased their facility and they weren’t certain that they would stay in the same location once the lease ended. As such, they didn’t want to commit to an energy efficiency investment that exceeded the term of their lease. They needed to find a way to upgrade their lighting without using up-front capital, and have the investment pay for itself within 3 years.

The Solution

Using LED technology, Centrica Business Solutions designed a completely new grid that enhanced illumination throughout the workspace and showroom. A controls system was installed that adjusts the time-outs and dim-levels for areas based on specific usage requirements. Plus, all lights were programmed to turn off completely after a period of inactivity. This was accomplished utilizing the local utility's On-Bill Financing program, which allowed Four Wheel Pop-Up Campers to finance the project at 0% interest, while paying for itself in 3 years.

The Impact

  • All lighting upgrades were accomplished with no up-front capital
  • Annual Energy Savings Cost: $32,407
  • Annual Maintenance Cost Savings: $4,475
  • Project Cost (after utility rebate): $109,900
  • Carbon Dioxide Reduction: 232,589 lbs

By removing this quantity of CO2 from the atmosphere, this project will have the same effect on the local community as:

tree seedlings grown for 10 years
acres of U.S. forest preserved
gallons of gas saved