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US clothing brand saves $16,000 in energy management trial

In-store systems in four outlets in California were put under the spotlight with Panoramic Power sensors pinpointing energy efficiency opportunities that could deliver ROI within 18 months.

saved by detecting faulty equipment during a trial period in four stores
reduction in annual energy costs
total saved during the trial period

Why they needed our help

With rigorous sustainability requirements and goals, this leading brand wanted an innovative solution to eliminate energy waste at its stores and reduce cost.

How we helped cut their energy waste and costs

Our Energy Insight solution measures energy use and pinpoints consumption on every piece of equipment. It also detects problems and potential failures before they occur.

The trial run

To provide a proof of concept, we installed Energy Insight in four of the client’s busiest California locations.

Around 150 energy sensors were placed on critical systems including heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units, as well as the store lighting. The sensor data was then collected in real-time on a SaaS-based analytics platform.

The results

By monitoring the equipment for problems and potential failures over the trial period, we identified:

  • A fault in an AC fan system, saving $10k
  • A faulty HVAC, saving a further $2k
  • That a change to the lighting schedule during closed hours would cut 10% from the annual energy costs

In total, we helped the client save $16k during the trial period. This clearly demonstrated that our energy management system could offer significant long-term savings.

Working for a greener future, together

Our Energy Insight solution is now being rolled out to new locations across the company’s network. With the potential energy savings, they can expect to receive a full return on investment within 18 months.

Why choose our Energy Insight solution?

  • Use actionable insights to improve the way your business operates and performs
  • Set up a non-intrusive reporting system using patented wireless sensor technology and cloud-based analytics
  • Incorporate the technology into your own building management system
  • Gain real-time visibility of energy use
  • Measure and analyse data, then act on that information