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The University of Northwestern Ohio to reduce energy costs by updating their energy efficiency throughout the campus— with zero cash down

The University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH) is a 200-acre private university in Lima, OH. They host 4,000 students every year with 50-degree programs.

kWh of electricity saved annually


tons of CO2 emissions reduced annually


gallons of water savings annually

UNOH partnered with Centrica Business Solutions to complete a $3.1 million project across 28 buildings on the school’s campus with energy savings paying for the project and no upfront cost to the university.

The challenge

UNOH wanted to reduce energy costs, improve energy efficiency and replace critical assets on campus to provide a healthier and more comfortable environment for students and staff. These upgrades needed to be completed with zero cash down, a 15-year term, and the ability to be cash flow positive for the project’s duration.

From a financial standpoint, being able to pay for critical new equipment and facility upgrades from energy and water savings is a big win-win for us and allows us to remain laser-focused on providing our students, both current and future, with a world-class education.”
James Bronder, CFO, UNOH

The solution

To provide funding, Centrica Business Solutions worked with Metrus Energy using their Sustainable Efficiency Services Agreement as the financing vehicle. Centrica Business Solutions and MSI Utilities identified the deferred maintenance needs around the campus and provided engineering and construction. They will also provide ongoing measurement and verification services.

Efficiency improvements will include new LED Lighting, HVAC replacements, HVAC motor upgrades, and new water upgrades. The project provides decarbonization benefits and is expected to reduce the annual emissions of CO2 by 1,393 metric tons. Electric savings of 1,941,582 kWh are expected yearly – the equivalent of powering 271 homes. Water savings of 7,366,000 gallons are also expected to be achieved annually. The maintenance project will occur across academic, residential, athletic, retail and staff buildings.

The savings from this project will equal $354,050 annually.

“Implementing broad-ranging upgrades for our buildings and facilities will do more than just save UNOH energy and water - it will reduce operational costs, simplify facility maintenance, and enhance the comfort of our students and staff,” said Steven Brown, Vice President of Property Management, UNOH.

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