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New Jersey school to cut electricity costs by almost $1 million over 25 years

Children at Noor-UL-Iman School near Priceton are hands-on with tree planting and recycling projects - so going solar and cutting energy costs by 86% is a perfect addition to their green portfolio.

Electricity offset with solar power
Reduction in energy costs
Projected savings over 25 years

Reducing environmental impact

Noor-UL-Iman School’s HVAC system uses 348,908 kWh of electricity a year to maintain a temperature conducive to learning. A parent of one of the school’s students encouraged the school to go green to both lower energy costs, and bring environmental awareness to the students.

A trustworthy partnership

The school’s parents, teachers and administrators felt it was important to have a trusting relationship with their solar installer. The project began with another company, but several issues arose, leading Noor-UL-Iman School to switch solar providers. It chose Centrica Business Solutions because the team was trustworthy, competent and knowledgeable. It also had a long-term presence and could stand by its work by providing a ten-year workmanship warranty and ten-year production guarantee.

The results

Centrica Business Solutions designed the system as a carport that generates energy during the day; at night, the underside lights up with LEDs to provide a safe environment for staff as they leave in the evening. In addition, the school is installing car charging ports that use energy generated by the solar panels.

The school purchased the system through the PSE&G Loan Program. Payments are funded by utilizing both the electricity savings and the Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) that the system generates.

Going solar enabled Noor-UL-Iman School to reduce energy consumption by 80%, and the electricity generated from the system has a 25-year average cost of $0.022/kWh versus $0.155/kWh – an 86% reduction in electricity costs. The total solar investment is projected to save the school $949,300 over 25 years, which is a lot of money to reinvest into their student’s education!

System description

• 648 LG 360 watt panels
• 8 SMA inverters
• Carport

System size

• 233.8 kW

System production

• 278,778 kWh annually

Environmental benefits

72.3 tons of waste recycled instead of landfilled each year

The school’s energy system is performing 20% over what was promised. Going solar has allowed us to reinvest the cost savings into our teachers and the learning environment.”
Helmi Saud, parent and solar advocate for Noor-UL-Iman School