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Powering waste management with 100% renewable energy

A leader in regulated waste management solutions, Approved Storage & Waste Hauling Inc. is harnessing solar power to meet their energy requirements and reduce their environmental impact.

kW solar PV system
kWh of renewable energy generated each year
of the company’s energy requirements covered

Established in 1996, Approved Storage & Waste Hauling Inc. delivers industry-leading regulated waste management solutions – including medical waste management, reusable sharps management and pharmaceutical waste management.

Environmental responsibility is at the heart of their organization. In addition to extensive waste minimization practices and waste recycling programs, their zero-landfill policy ensures that 72,000,000 lbs of medical waste is kept from reaching landfill each year.

Commitment to sustainability

As part of this clear commitment to sustainability, Approved Storage & Waste Hauling Inc. partnered with Centrica Business Solutions to engineer and install a 141.80 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) system that Centrica Business Solutions custom-designed to their 25,000 sq. ft medical waste treatment facility in Bridgeport, CT. With 394 individual solar modules across their flat roof, the system transforms the roof space into an asset that will produce 155,935 kWh of clean, renewable energy each year.

Together with standard manufacturer warranties, the solar PV system benefits from Centrica Business Solutions’ market leading 10-year production and workmanship guarantees. This provides the organization with valuable piece of mind that the system will generate the expected amount of energy. If generation does fall below expected levels, Centrica Business Solutions will compensate Approved Storage & Waste Hauling Inc. and will immediately carry out the remedial work that’s required to ensure the system meets – or exceeds – expected performance.

Clean, renewable and sustainable energy is a critical part of a better tomorrow. This solar installation helps us do our part to reduce our impact on the global environment.”
Charles Dippolito Jr Vice President Approved Storage & Waste Hauling Inc.

Complete coverage of energy requirements

The solar PV system will cover the organization’s entire energy requirements at the Bridgeport facility, making the site 100% self-sustaining. Most importantly, it will deliver significant reductions to their carbon emissions – equivalent to burning 121,378 pounds of coal or driving 273,342 miles in an average car.

Centrica Business Solutions is now in the process of constructing a second, larger solar installation at their renovated 30,000 sq ft site in Lincoln, RI – the largest facility in their portfolio to date. This 223.40 kW system consists of 612 solar modules and will produce 279,400 kilowatt-hours of electricity each year – further reinforcing Approved Storage & Waste Hauling Inc.’s commitment to sustainability.