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Plastics business FITT cuts annual energy costs by 35%

Panoramic Power energy insight, trigeneration unit, closed cooling circuit and full service maintenance helps save almost $112,000 in cooling costs and cuts groundwater use to zero.

MWe per year of electricity production
Reduction in energy costs
per year lower cooling costs

No more groundwater

FITT operates in the production sector, manufacturing thermoplastic fluid transport solutions. The company employs a strong policy of innovation, research and respect for the environment and owns a number of facilities. Its two most important facilities are located in Fara Vicentino and Sandrigo in the province of Vicenza, Italy.

Once the work at the production facility in Fara was completed, which involved implementing a 1,031 kW containerized trigeneration system, FITT decided to take action at the Sandrigo facility too. It replicated the cogeneration module from the first facility and coupled it with an absorption chiller. The Sandrigo facility used to use groundwater, but thanks to Centrica Business Solutions’ trigeneration unit, which also includes a closed cooling circuit, the facility no longer draws from groundwater. Launched just seven months after the contract was signed, the system also includes Centrica Business Solutions’ Energy Insight solution for analyzing and monitoring consumption in real time.


The system will enable the facility to reduce its energy costs by more than a third and save almost €100,000 ($113,600) per year on cooling, while simultaneously reducing its environmental impact in terms of CO2 emissions and groundwater use. It is also worth highlighting the value of the white certificates that could be obtained thanks to the trigeneration system, these certify that a business has achieved a certain reduction in its energy consumption. At the Fara facility, they increased in value by 40% in the first year, generating almost €200,000 ($227,200) in annual income for FITT when they were sold.

The Full Service maintenance contract with Centrica Business Solutions allows FITT to economize resources in the field, so that they can be allocated for more important business activities. Multinational clients place considerable value on environmental sustainability, giving FITT a competitive advantage in international negotiations.

The project wasn’t easy, starting from the closed cooling circuit. However, Centrica Business Solutions supported us every step of the way, from the administrative processes all the way through to designing and implementing the system.”
Tiberio Zamperetti, Plant and Process Technologies Specialist at FITT

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • Centrica Business Solutions’ cogeneration systems allow energy costs to be reduced by up to 40% compared to traditional sources.
  • CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 30%.
  • The absorption chiller system provides 100% of the production site’s cooling requirements.
  • Our Energy Insight solution allows energy use to be monitored, waste to be reduced, and operational efficiency to be improved.
  • The partnership with Centrica Business Solutions includes proactive and predictive assistance with administrative processes and everyday and unplanned maintenance, covering all risks for around ten years.