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Partnership in action with S2G Energy

How S2G Energy and Centrica Business Solutions are working together to deliver Energy Management as a Service through the deployment of over 4,000 sensors.
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Seeking a trusted partner

S2G was founded in Mexico to take advantage of opportunities for distributed solar technology brought about by energy reform. The company quickly saw an urgent need for businesses to gain a better understanding of how they were using their energy. Energy insights solutions from Centrica Business Solutions enabled S2G to extend their offering to Energy Management as a Service. Digitizing energy is the future and S2G now aims to add value for their customers by helping them adopt new technologies that will make them more resilient.


Optimizing energy use or managing energy intensity was not at the top of the list for most of their customers. But since the energy reforms in Mexico, prices are on the rise and sustainability is an important focus. S2G needed to educate their customers on energy management and – more importantly – change the relationship their whole organization has with energy as a resource. 

Future Outlook

The collaboration between Centrica Business Solutions and S2G is driving business growth for customers. S2G has been built around energy insights as a solution and they are planning to add more technologies like DSR and Storage as the market becomes ready for them. S2G and Centrica Business Solutions share the vision of a total resources digital platform. By adding water, gas and heat, plus all relevant variables, into PowerRadar, we can boost the potential value-add of Machine Learning Analytics and AI.

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