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New fuel cell facility drives low carbon energy agenda

A new 4.99MW fuel cell facility will provide clean electricity for more than 4,200 homes, helping Connecticut to meet its renewable energy targets and boost the local economy.

MW of clean electricity
powered homes every year
protected jobs in Connecticut

Doubling power from renewable sources

Connecticut state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard requires energy providers to generate almost 50% of their power from renewable sources by 2030, almost double the level recorded in 2018.

Combined expertise fuels clean power project

A collaboration between Centrica Business Solutions and Doosan Fuel Cell America, has delivered a new, 4.99MW fuel cell power generation facility at South Windsor in central Connecticut. Centrica Business Solutions acquired the project, known as South Energy Investments LLC, in March 2019 from a leading Massachusetts-based fuel cell development team. Construction was delivered on time and within budget, and the facility became fully operational in early 2020.

Fuel cells generate electricity through a chemical reaction process that is clean, quiet and highly efficient with little to no emissions. With the support and encouragement of state authorities, Connecticut is a US center of expertise and excellence in fuel cell technology and project development. The Connecticut fuel cell industry supports more than 2,800 direct, indirect and induced jobs and creates over $600 million annually in revenue and investment. Centrica Business Solutions has managed the construction of the project in Connecticut and retained Doosan Fuel Cell America to deliver fuel cells and perform long-term O&M.

The results

The South Windsor fuel cell facility delivers clean electricity to the local utility provider, Eversource Energy, under a 20-year purchase power agreement (PPA) with Centrica Business Solutions – and provides enough power to meet the needs of more than 4,200 homes every year.

Fuel cell technology is categorized as a class one renewable source by state authorities, on a par with solar and wind power. As well as contributing to a cleaner, safer environment, the South Windsor project helps to support the local economy and underlines Connecticut’s nation-leading expertise in the practical application of fuel cell technology. Its investment is a part of the Centrica Business Solutions Ambition 2030 program, which outlines 15 long-term goals to reduce the company’s emissions, and enable customers to use energy more sustainably.

“By building and expanding our technology framework through significant distributed generation projects like this, we open the door for new ways to help our customers transform their energy footprint into a source of true competitive advantage,” said Stephen Prince, Head of Centrica Business Solutions North America.

Doosan Fuel Cell America is proud to be part of a dynamic collaboration with Centrica Business Solutions in creating a flagship project that produces clean energy right here in South Windsor.
Jeff Hyungrak Chung, President and CEO Doosan Fuel Cell America