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Nassau Candy offsets 100% of energy consumption with solar power

Leading manufacturer Nassau Candy is generating 1.4 million kilowatt-hours of renewable energy through a 1.24 MW solar PV system – offsetting their site’s entire energy requirements.
MW solar PV system
kWh of renewable energy generated each year
of the company’s energy requirements offset

Producing and supplying millions of pounds of candy, specialty food and logo-based products each year, Nassau Candy and its subsidiaries are leading manufacturers and distributors of specialty candy, gourmet & natural foods, health and beauty products and customized products.

Because their manufacturing processes are energy-intensive, Nassau Candy was looking for ways to improve the sustainability of their site in Hicksville, NY. They are committed to improving their environmental impact and reducing their carbon footprint, while continuing to deliver quality products.

Clean, renewable energy generation

Nassau Candy partnered with Centrica Business Solutions to engineer and construct a 1.24 MW solar photovoltaic (PV) system that Centrica Business Solutions custom-designed to their building’s flat roof. Consisting of 3,219 individual modules, the system enables Nassau Candy to transform their roof into an asset by generating over 1.4 million kilowatt-hours of clean, renewable energy each year.

Alongside standard manufacturer warranties, the solar PV system is underpinned by Centrica Business Solutions’ market-leading 10-year production and workmanship guarantees. This assures Nassau Candy that the solar PV system will produce the expected amount of energy. If power generation drops below agreed levels, they will be compensated and remedial work will immediately be carried out by Centrica Business Solutions to ensure the system meets or exceeds expected performance. This provides Nassau Candy with valuable peace of mind that the system will deliver the expected results.

The solar PV system qualified for the solar feed-in tariff from PSEG Long Island, which financially compensates Nassau Candy for the power their solar PV panels generate. Their generated solar energy is sold to the grid for a higher, fixed rate, providing long-term cost assurance.

We have a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, and this solar power system from Centrica Business Solutions significantly reduced our carbon emissions – we’re impressed with the results”
Garrett Stier Head of Manufacturing, Nassau Candy

Improving environmental sustainability

As their Hicksville site consumes over 1 million kilowatt-hours of energy each year, Nassau Candy’s solar PV system will offset more than 100% of their energy needs, enabling them to generate additional revenue for the business as part of the solar feed-in tariff.

Most importantly, the solar PV system has helped Nassau Candy to significantly improve their environmental impact. The CO2 saving that the solution delivers is equivalent to removing 218 vehicles from the road for one year – or saving 113,696 gallons of gasoline.