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Energy savings with advanced technology

Natural gas cogeneration fuels 25% cut in costs for Italian pharma business

CHP plant combination delivers eletricity, hot water and steam for the company's production facility, keeping it on target to cut its carbon footprint by 25% and its water use by 20%, by 2020.

Reduction on energy bills per year
Tons of carbon saved annually
Reduction in carbon footprint

Environmental ambitions

The company has set ambitious environmental sustainability goals to reduce the impact of its operations with demanding targets for reducing its carbon footprint by 25% and water use by 20%, by 2020.

Electricity, hot water and steam

Centrica Business Solutions installed a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant at the organization’s Italian production facility. It is the final part of a 12-month energy program.

The CHP system consists of two 1MWe cogeneration units and a 1.9 ton per hour waste heat exhaust gas recovery boiler. The plant will provide electricity, hot water and steam to the production facility.

The cogeneration plant is powered by natural gas, which fuels the power generation. The exhaust gases from the engine are 1,110 degrees Fahrenheit. These are passed through a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG), using the recovered heat to produce steam.

The results

The site can produce 16,000 MWh of electricity, 15,750 tons of steam and 10,000 MMBtu of hot water each year.

The Italian facility will achieve a 25% reduction on its energy bills annually, equivalent to the environmental benefit of taking 630 cars off the road each year. The project will reduce the plant’s CO2 output by 15%.

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • With the broadest CHP product range on the market, we provided a custom unit, designed and installed by a team of expert engineers
  • We offered a full suite of end-to-end solutions for all commercial and industrial energy requirements
  • With over thirty years experience and more than 1,400 CHP units installed, we were able to offer advice around the best energy saving measures to take


Each year, thanks to working with Centrica Business Solutions, the pharmaceutical firm’s Italian facility will reduce its total CO2 output by 15% while cutting its energy bills by 25%.”
Spokesperson, pharmaceutical company