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Holistic management of utility costs beyond electricity

Holistic management of utility costs beyond electricity

Learn how organizations are using technology to deliver a reliable picture of their usage and costs by integrating utility meters – for a complete view of their footprint.

Organizations that are embedding sustainability into their strategy are increasing their focus to drive better efficiency across their operations, reduce utility costs, and use energy in more sustainable ways. A smart, data-driven approach to energy management can provide the intelligence needed to cut utility costs, optimize operations, and build a sustainable future.

Taking a holistic approach to your energy management and understanding all drivers of utility costs across your footprint offers a powerful competitive advantage. Utility costs are an essential element to driving efficient and sustainable operations – and the more you know about your consumption patterns, the better you can manage them. After all, you cannot optimize what you cannot see. By integrating utility meters into your energy management platform, you can obtain a complete view of your energy assets – and the data you need to drive decision-making.

Understanding drivers of utility costs is critical to taking control

Organizations with a focus on efficiency are constantly seeking ways to improve their operations and reduce costs. Reusing water in various industries enables organizations to reduce the cost of their water supply and put less pressure on water resources. In food processing, for example, water is efficiently recovered and reused throughout the plant before it becomes wastewater.

Industrial water consumption is responsible for 22% of global water use, and a growing movement over recent years has led to industries reducing their wastewater. It is now seen as a potential resource that can be reused – providing it is fit for purpose – and yield economic and environmental benefits.

However, water providers typically bill for sewer based on 100% of water usage and don’t account for water reuse. How can you gain an accurate picture of your water usage to enable proper billing for sewage – and realize the economic and financial benefits of more efficient water use and reuse?

Holistic energy management with Energy Insight and PowerRadar

Holistic monitoring provides a comprehensive view of usage

Our Energy Insight solution offers unparalleled visibility into the performance of a wide range of assets and processes – including water. Holistically monitor devices and processes in real-time in order to gain complete visibility of your infrastructure. Our hardware easily integrates with water meters via pulse output for complete visibility into exactly where water is being used.

Effectively monitoring water consumption and sewage in this manner creates a reliable picture of water usage, so you have confidence that your water bill is an accurate reflection of your water usage – and if not, you have the intelligence needed in order to correct discrepancies. 

Unlock complete visibility into your infrastructure

Our Energy Insight solution is generating new opportunities across all types of industry and provides you with a complete view of your energy, enabling you to understand and take action on your entire energy infrastructure. Our solution is an industry leader in ease of installation and integrates with a variety of utility meters – electricity, water, heat, gas and air flow meters – for complete visibility.

When combined with our cloud-based, powerful energy management platform, PowerRadarTM, our technology gives you the intelligence you need to develop and informed, data-driven energy strategy. View and comprehensively analyze real-time data with high accuracy and reliability, and track usage and consumption over time with detailed kWh, flow and volumetric data.