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How the business and equipment are performing

Transforming the IoT promise into reality with energy insights

Device-level wireless sensors are being deployed in commercial buildings and industrial facilities and they’re making buildings smarter. But are they making the people who run the buildings any smarter?

Operational efficiency and cost reduction have never been more important, making visibility into energy usage and proactive energy management essential. Leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) can reshape how buildings are operated when it comes to energy usage and conservation. The IoT is making our world smarter and more responsive, transforming virtually any energy-consuming device into a smart device.

Businesses in many industries are gaining a granular view of their energy with device-level sensors and connected devices that are powered by the intelligence of the IoT. Equipping energy-consuming assets with device-level sensor technology through our energy insights solutions delivers unique visibility into an organization’s operation, creating enormous opportunities for efficiencies and optimizations.

How are we deploying our technology at scale and enabling our customers to use energy intelligence to inform their energy strategy? We chatted about the state of IoT in commercial buildings with Greentech Media and our channel partner, Renteknik Group.

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Energy insights enable organizations to use real-time energy intelligence to form a comprehensive energy strategy.

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of your entire energy infrastructure with real-time, device-level monitoring.
  • Lower your electricity costs by proactively taking action when you identify inefficiencies and energy waste.
  • Maximize operational efficiencies and spend by benchmarking and managing energy consumption.
  • Reduce risk of equipment failure and costly downtime with predictive analytics and sophisticated alerts.