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The Power of Together

Capitalize on market-leading energy solutions and get a competitive edge. 

There’s power in partnerships and our program has all the tools to help you effectively design, finance, and install Solar for your clients.

  • Rely on Centrica Business Solutions’ long-standing reputation in the marketplace
  • Utilize our financial strength to help secure big opportunities
  • Leverage our knowledge and technical expertise and free up your resources to focus on new Solar projects

Referring solar projects is simple, and our dedicated partner team will walk you through it. We'll help you remove the complexity of solar solutions so you can get up to speed quickly and understand the benefits for you and your customers.

Be a part of the energy system of the future today

Solar Partner Program e-book
With Centrica Business Solutions as your total energy partner, you will have access to all the support needed for your clients to turn energy from a business cost into a source of revenue and growth, and to create a stronger and more sustainable business. Read our e-book to learn more.
See how we help customers operate in a more sustainable way with Solar

Benefits of partnering with us

Lean on our Solar PV experts with deep knowledge in both the technology and incentive landscape, so your clients can turn energy from a business cost into a potential source of revenue and growth. As a referral partner in our program, you will gain access to benefits and expertise that will help you meet your goals.

  • Increase sales from your customer by offering market-leading energy solutions
  • Receive a competitive referral rate on new opportunities we collaborate on
  • Differentiate from your competition. Work with Solar experts that have decades of experience in the industry
active partners in 14 countries
Centrica customer accounts mainly in the UK, Ireland and North America
engineers and technicians to support your customers
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