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Powering sustainability in your business and ours

At Centrica Business Solutions, we want to shape a lower carbon future by enabling our customers and our business to use energy more sustainably. Tackling climate change is the most important issue facing our society and as a leading provider of energy for home and organizations, we take our role seriously.

We have reduced our internal carbon footprint by 39% since 2015 and our 2030 Responsible Business Ambitions outline how we aim to tackle climate change and support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Our commitments are key to completing the transition, both for our business and in helping our customers run their world in ever more sustainable ways.

Tackling emissions in our business

Centrica continues its strategic move from being an asset-based business to a customer-focused services and solutions provider. Combined with the adoption of technology, innovation and cultural change, we now emit over 80% less carbon than a decade ago – as we continue on our path to net zero by 2050.

Centrica continues to drive efficiencies within our business and aim to reduce our internal carbon footprint by a further 35% by 2025; using our own experience to assist our customers in their ambitions – with 11 GW of renewable generation under management and our portfolio of distributed energy solutions.


Reduction in our own internal carbon footprint since 2015.1


Reduction in customer carbon emissions in 2019.1


Leadership score for climate action by CDP, an international NGO.1

Source: Centrica report, 2019

Helping our customers decarbonize

With over 90% of Centrica's emissions coming from the energy consumed by our retail and business customers, the largest contribution we can make to tackling climate change is to assist them to use energy more sustainably.

In addition, as energy moves from a centrally organized model to a local one, the benefits of distributed energy solutions are clear. This change is enabling communities to take more control of their energy, reduce environmental impact and unlock financial savings.

By 2030, we want to:

  • Help our customers reduce emissions by 25% through direct (3%) and indirect action (baseline: 2015)
  • Deliver 7 GW of flexible, distributed and low carbon technologies, in addition to system access and optimization services
  • Demonstrate we are on track with Paris Agreement goals and develop a path to net zero by 2050
  • Deliver £5 billion of value for communities through new and distributed energy technologies
  • Deliver £300 million in energy efficiency savings to public and essential services

Value to communities through distributed energy technologies.1


Jobs supported by distributed energy solutions.2


Potential annual carbon footprint savings from distributed technologies.3

Sources: 1. Powering Britain's economic future report, 2018  2. Centrica Responsible Business Ambitions  3. Powering sustainability report, 2018

Sustainable energy innovation

Centrica Business Solutions continuously investigates, evaluates and develops new technologies and solutions for our customers.

Learn more about how our industry expertise and solutions can help your business tackle the challenge of climate change.