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Centrica launches Responsible Business Update 2016

We have launched our Responsible Business Update which shows how we are delivering our purpose: ‘to satisfy the changing needs of our customers’.

The Update demonstrates how Centrica is responding to the rapidly changing world of energy to give customers what they want – more choice, more control, more affordable energy and increasingly, lower carbon. To do this, we are repositioning the business to focus on growing the distinctive capabilities of our customer-facing businesses and we are doing so as a responsible business.

As a responsible business, Centrica is focusing on prioritising safety, operating ethically, helping customers save time and money, helping those in need, being a responsible employer and reducing carbon emissions.

Through these actions, we are able to deliver our purpose and continue to realise our goals of becoming a trusted corporate citizen, an employer of choice and a 21st century energy provider.

The Responsible Business Update is supported by a wider suite of online reporting, including a data centre containing over 100 non-financial metrics alongside infographics and real-time case studies and blogs. Explore our responsible business performance at: centrica.com/responsibility.

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