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Commercial solar panel financing with a PPA

Powering your performance: The Buyers Guide to Solar

Installing Solar power can yield a significant business advantage. It is 100% sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective – an ideal solution if you are looking to reduce energy costs or carbon emissions.

There can be many consideration factors when deciding on the right energy solution, so we’ve put together The Buyers Guide to Solar to help cut through the clutter and give you everything you need to "flip the switch" on Solar. The guide includes: 

  • Benefits of installing a Solar solution 
  • Financing options to lower your upfront investment, including available incentives 
  • A rundown of the technology 

Getting the right Solar solution for your organization requires a provider with the expertise to maximize your savings while making every step of the process straightforward and stress free.

The Buyers Guide To Solar

See how Centrica Business Solutions can help you make Solar happen for your organization. Download our Buyers Guide.