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An investment guide for energy management and energy infrastructure upgrade projects

An investment guide for energy management and energy infrastructure upgrade projects

Download our whitepaper to learn how organizations can finance their energy ambitions and capitalize on exciting new opportunities to reduce costs, improve sustainability, and increase business resilience.

An energy revolution is underway. Organizations who are not adapting to a transforming market may be left behind as they are unable to capitalize on the proven benefits of better energy costs, operational efficiency, and environmental performance – and the reputational advantage of being a sustainable energy leader.

Shifting to a distributed energy strategy requires vision, expertise, and funding. The good news is that lack of capital is not a barrier to accessing new energy opportunities.

    Organizations that invest in advanced technologies and grow expertise powering a new energy future are gaining both economic and environmental advantage. According to our research:


    Have benefited from “significantly reduced energy costs”


    Report they are benefiting from greater control and visibility of their energy use


    Report improved resilience against supply interruption and costly operational failure

    In our investment guide, you will learn:

    • The reasons why organizations are advancing their energy efficiency and approaches that can deliver the best returns
    • The benefits of sustainable energy leadership and the rewards of implementing distributed energy solutions
    • The investment considerations organizations must make – and the financing solutions that would enable them to convert their energy ambitions into reality

    Businesses are facing unprecedented energy challenges

    Now is the time for businesses to invest in improving their energy performance. Four key business energy challenges are pressuring businesses like never before:

    • Volatile, upward trending wholesale energy market prices
    • The growing threat of energy supply disruption and worries about energy resilience and business continuity
    • The growing need to improve energy sustainability to meet emissions reporting rules and environmental regulations, as well as corporate sustainability and responsibility goals
    • Sharply rising non-commodity costs relating to network operation and maintenance

    Overcoming the barriers to energy investment

    Financial constraints could prove challenging for organizations across North America as they strive to implement energy efficiency and energy infrastructure upgrades. When frontline processes, critical business systems, and core operational activities are competing for limited capital budgets, energy improvement projects sometimes get sidelined.  

    Funding may enable organizations to unlock opportunities that reduce energy and operational costs, improve their energy resilience and environmental performance, and meet corporate social responsibility. It is important for organizations to consider flexible funding options for their energy efficiency investments and explore how different funding options could help support wider business objectives.

    Our investment guide demonstrates how organizations can leverage funding to improve energy performance and gain competitive advantage.

    Download our investment guide to learn more