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The Internet of Energy: Smart sensors, big data, and manufacturing 4.0

Global manufacturing is in a state of transformation. Improved efficiencies, intelligent automation, and a growing market appreciation for product quality have breathed new life into western manufacturing.

At the heart of this transformation are two technological developments that promise to power smart manufacturing for generations to come.

  1. Manufacturing 4.0 is defined by increased operational reliance on automation, advanced robotics, and closed-loop data feedback. The goal is to digitally capture, analyze, and refine every element of the manufacturing process in real time.
  2. The Internet of Energy is philosophically related to Manufacturing 4.0, but extends beyond the factory floor and offers more granular insights in its efforts to digitally map and optimize energy assets and infrastructure. This white paper will provide a practical examination of Manufacturing 4.0 and the Internet of Energy as well as  a primer on how smart companies are now beginning to combine and leverage both  to mind-blowing effect.
Front cover of white paper.

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