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The corporate power perspective

Energy spend is unavoidable, whether a company has an eight-figure budget or an 11-figure budget. Unavoidable but not uncontrollable. Today, the reality is that the more you understand your energy consumption, the more you can refine and control it to better run your business.

Energy insights can shed light on operations in a way that wasn’t possible a decade ago. At the same time, energy management technologies are helping companies expand the limits of their production, improve  asset effectiveness, reduce unwelcome operational surprises, and comply with regulatory standards.

With the way that so many businesses run fundamentally changing in light of concurrent data, digital, and eco-ethical revolutions, we wanted to explore if and how that most constant aspect of every business – the power on which it runs – has changed.

Through an examination of the role of energy within the corporate landscape, this report – The corporate power perspective – endeavors to reveal industry trajectory-based insights to help connect some of the energy and operations dots for managers.

We surveyed management professionals across the retail, manufacturing, commercial building and healthcare industries to gain a sense of the impact energy spend has on their organization now, where they think it’s headed and if their companies are beginning to adopt energy-enlightened policies (such as embracing the Internet of Energy and other smart, connected asset application) that the corporate world increasingly demands.

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To learn more about the role and impact of energy within a corporate landscape download the full report.