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Legislation recently passed new requirements for Adult Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs) and nursing homes to maintain a safe environment for residents in the event of a loss of power. It requires your facility to develop an Emergency Power Plan and to have your plan approved by the local emergency management agency. While this was passed in Florida, this soon could be a requirement in your state too. Let us help you put an action plan together today.


We have nearly 70 years of expertise in power generation solutions.

Centrica Business Solutions offers:

Generator sets from 20kW to 2000kW


Expert engineers/technicians always available*


Certified, compliant, and approved units**

The benefits to your business

Unrelenting Resiliency

Your residents rely on you and your facility relies on power -- downtime can be devastating. Rudox Power Generation offers electric generators as strong as 2000kW, in addition to multiple fuel options, to ensure your operations continue to thrive without a glitch, despite whatever outside force affects your primary source of power; making your facility as reliable as possible.

Increased Peace of Mind

Being prepared for the unexpected allows your facility to continue performing seamlessly while also improving the quality of trust and confidence of your residents. Knowing your data is protected, your production won't be hindered and your availability to your residents won't be interrupted eases the tension of potential unforeseen circumstances.

Part of a Comprehensive Energy Strategy

Rudox Power Generation can be a stand-alone solution to provide resilience in the event of grid outages or a larger part of an energy strategy. These generators can be used as a backup to decrease the impact of energy used from the grid. In other words, grid demand is at its highest, your facility can switch from primary sources of power to your backup generator to alleviate energy consumption.

*Equipped with a full fleet of service vehicles, and 24/7 service capabilities, the Service Dept. is staffed with factory trained technicians, specialized in their field, who possess a wealth of experience in cogeneration, engine and generator repair work. Cogeneration unit and generator set service work can be performed during normal business hours and on a 24/7 emergency basis if needed.
**Units are built to U.L. Standards; U.L. Certification is also available (UL220) and NFPA-110 compliant on both the natural gas and the Diesels for the Mitsubishi units, as well as us being an approved vendor.