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Solar incentives

Solar incentives

Leverage limited-time Solar incentives to maximize your investment, lower your upfront costs, boost ROI, and even generate revenue.

There are numerous federal, state, and local incentives that are designed to make going solar even more affordable than it already is. Our team helps businesses navigate these generous incentives to further maximize their solar investment.

Some incentives, like the Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC), lower the cost of going solar.


An introduction to the ITC

The ITC is one of the most lucrative ways to reduce the investment costs of your solar installation.

How much can you save with the ITC?

To secure best level of this incentive, you need to begin construction of your solar PV system in 2021 or 2022. The ITC will remain at 26% of all solar PV system expenditures until the end of 2022, but then it will ramp down, eventually landing at 10%.

Other incentives can transform Solar into an additional revenue stream for your business.

Our team can walk you through available options and help you navigate these opportunities for your business.