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Energy Optimization Solutions

Optimize your energy strategy with a solution that can improve energy management, generate revenue and reduce cost.

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As we move away from centralized generation towards decentralized sustainable power, the grid can no longer rely on a small number of large power stations to keep the lights on. At the same time commercial and industrial energy consumers are subject to increasing electricity costs and greater risk of power scarcity. This change brings opportunity. The ability to flex energy usage, storage and generation can be monetized through Energy Optimization Solutions.

Energy Optimization Solutions are an industry-leading and comprehensive suite of Demand Response and Demand Management Solutions. Our suite of Energy Optimization Solutions helps you turn your energy assets into revenue generators.

Our suite of Energy Optimization Solutions helps you turn your energy assets into revenue generators. Download our brochure to learn more.

Benefits for your business

  • Earn money by supporting the energy grid to maintain balance.
  • Monetize energy assets to turn energy from a cost to a business advantage.
  • Access previously inaccessible markets through advanced technology, algorithms and aggregation.
  • Increase site resiliency and earn additional revenue when assets are not in use as backup power.

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • Improve energy management, generate revenue, reduce cost and enable a more flexible energy system.
  • Work with one partner for onsite energy generation, storage and operations.
  • Identify flexibility and plan and execute curtailment using energy insights and PowerRadarTM – our cloud-based, secure energy management platform.
of flexible assets under management across UK, Europe and North America
of flexibility available to the grid from our industrial and commercial customers
5 ISOs
DR available in 6 major markets across North America

Discover how energy optimization can power your sustainable growth.

Find out how Energy Optimization can turn your flexible assets into competitive advantage.