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Demand Response

Take control of your energy, create additional value for your business and unlock the power of energy flexibility.

At Centrica Business Solutions, we understand the role energy flexibility can play to unlock new value, reduce costs and power business performance. Our Demand Response (DR) solution provides advanced Energy Insight capabilities, using device-level sensor technology and analytics to gain a deeper understanding of your energy estate, enabling better planning and expand your opportunity to monetize flexibility.

Unlock more DR value for your business

As we transition to a more distributed energy system, the volatility of the grid is increasing. Organizations that make flexibility a part of their energy strategy have the most to gain.

By supporting the grid to better manage instability, your business can access incentives from Independent System Operators (ISOs) and utilities across North America. And with the greater insight and control over your energy portfolio that DR enables, you can better manage your energy spend.

Demand Response from Centrica Business Solutions allows you to confidently and securely capture the opportunity of flexible energy. Our industry expertise, Internet of Things (IoT) sensor-technology and broad market access enables your business to potentially monetize flexibility worth on average $100k per MW per year.

We provide access and support for PJM, ISO-NE, NYISO, ERCOT, MISO
10 yrs
Our proven track record of involvement in DR markets
Megawatts of total DR load under management by Centrica Business Solutions in North America

Deeper insight leads to greater value

The need for ensuring resilience of the grid has led many ISOs towards incentivizing businesses to be flexible with their energy; making additional power available, or reducing consumption, during times of grid-stress. 

This flexibility is enabled by Demand Response.

Demand Response is already supporting energy flexibility in the grid, with 75% of US businesses surveyed seeing value in flexible energy use.1 But for organizations investigating how to monetize their energy estate, the two important questions are how do you identify available flexibility in your operations and how to you deliver it at the right time to maximize your opportunities, while not negatively impacting your business?

See how DR can help you

Is Demand Response right for you?

We understand that accessing the benefits of energy flexibility requires a change how we think about energy, and can appear daunting. Which is why we take the complexity out of DR.

Our expert teams work with you to understand the way your business works, identifying additional flexibility using our device-level sensor technology, defining curtailment options for all flexible assets and implementing a plan of action that maximizes value.

With your DR strategy and curtailment planning visualized by our start-of-art PowerRadar® platform, you retain control at all times with access across desktop, mobile and tablet.

Our three levels of Energy Insight sensor and analytics support using PowerRadar®.

Our three levels of Energy Insight sensor and analytics support using PowerRadar®

And with over 500MWs of flexible demand under management, you can be confident that we can deliver for your business.

Benefits of DR from Centrica Business Solutions

  • Generate revenue by reducing consumption during periods of peak demand on the grid
  • Access site and equipment level data for more accurate curtailment planning
  • Maximize value by identifying more flexibility to make available to your ISO
  • View curtailment in real-time using our state-of-the-art desktop or mobile application
  • Ongoing support provided by our dedicated Demand Response Operations team
Receive monthly payments for the flexible energy requests you’ve filled
Three solution levels of Energy Insights for DR for progressively more detailed data as required
Number of device-level sensors deployed globally across 1.8k sites; delivering 14bn data points per month

1Centrica Business Solutions research conducted in partnership with B2B International