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FlexPond Optimization Platform
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FlexPond™ Optimization Platform

Leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) and demand side energy flexibility to create a Virtual Power Plant.

Global energy grids are in transition toward more sustainable, distributed energy systems, and large Energy Utilities face a range of challenges. Customers expect simple Energy-as-a-Service offerings from their providers. And, new downstream activities such as Demand Response (DR) represent significant opportunities for growth.

FlexPond™ is a solution that empowers energy utilities to implement and grow new innovative downstream activities, creating Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) that enable utilities to balance their portfolio or bid into a variety of reserve markets where the most value resides.

Harnessing the power of flexible industrial demand

Centrica Business Solutions joins forces with Japan’s largest power company, TEPCO, to deliver industrial demand response capacity for the Japanese grid.

Benefits for your business

  • Create your own VPP with real-time balancing formed by a portfolio of customers’ energy flexibility.
  • Generate additional value for end-customers and expand your existing relationships with VPP capability.
  • Count on reliability from advanced technology and algorithms that enable aggregation of loads in real-time.
  • Ensure accurate, continuous and reliable delivery of the requested energy with our technology and algorithms.
  • Better manage Balance Responsible Parties (BRP) portfolio with digital technology.
  • Bid into reserve markets ranging from capacity markets to tertiary reserve to primary reserve.
  • Customer Engagement Support to support your go-to-market activities.
  • A dedicated platform improves DR program transparency and the actual industrial boundary conditions.

Delivering value for your customers

  • Create additional revenue streams based on existing assets.
  • Bringing IoT in industrial sites to the next level.
  • Proven and reliable solution that prioritizes site production.

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • Superior automation technology; predicative algorithms and aggregation model ensure your success.
  • Access more markets across broader geographies.
  • More machine-learning algorithms than anyone else in the space ensures greater reliability.
  • Complete portfolio automation using IoT technology and know the flexible power available to you.
  • Guidance from an experienced supplier enables you to provide Energy-as-a-Service to your consumers.

GW of flexible assets under management across UK, Europe and North America Reliable delivery


MW of flexibility available to the grid from our industrial and commercial customers


delivery record of flexible power to system operator

Learn more about new opportunities to harness and aggregate DR resources.
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