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Energy insights solutions

Our energy insights technology

Develop a data-driven energy strategy based on actionable, real-time energy intelligence – or extend your business offering by reselling our Panoramic Power™ technology to add value to your customers and organization.

Our energy insights technology addresses the market need for energy cost control, energy management and business sustainability by enabling organizations to proactively manage their energy with real-time, circuit-level energy intelligence that powers data-driven and comprehensive energy strategies.

Our comprehensive portfolio of energy management solutions consists of our Panoramic Power wireless sensors and power meters in combination with our Panoramic Power Gen 4+ Bridge and complimentary energy management platform, PowerRadarTM. The Panoramic Power suite of power monitoring equipment and software is an industry leader in cost and ease of installation, enabling quick and cost-effective collection and analysis of real-time energy intelligence.

Wireless sensors and power meters

A selection of power monitoring equipment is available for different current ranges, wire sizes, and measurement requirements.

Wireless sensor and power meter features

Customer benefit

Self-powered by the circuit’s magnetic field

No maintenance or battery replacement

Easily clamp to the outgoing wire from the circuit breaker

Quick and easy installation

Non-invasive technology

Little to no downtime during the installation process

Data sampling every 10 seconds

Granular data enables IoT and predictive use cases

Flexibility to integrate via cloud technology or hardware

Access your data in a way that best suits your business

Provided by a strong leader in the energy space

Performance and warranty ensure peace of mind

Gen 4+ Bridge

Our Panoramic Power Gen 4+ Bridge delivers energy intelligence from our wireless sensors and power meters for visualization and analysis in our energy management platform, PowerRadar. Customers retain the flexibility to use the software of their choice by using the Modbus TCP interface to export and manage the data locally – directly from the Gen 4+ Bridge.

Our Gen 4+ Bridge is available in two variants to meet organizational requirements:

Gen 4+ Bridge (LTE)

Gen 4+ Bridge (LAN)

Supports Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and LTE network connectivity (with 3G fallback)

Supports Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity

Learn how you can use actionable energy intelligence from our energy insights solutions for smart energy management.