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Advanced Demand Response

Maximize revenue from your demand response program by leveraging our superior, fully-automated demand side management tools and monetization capabilities across your assets.

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Advanced demand response enables organizations to gain access to more lucrative revenue opportunities from Independent System Operators (ISOs) and utilities across North America by utilizing energy flexibility and on-site Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) to support grid flexibility under fast-response to market conditions. Demand response companies like Centrica Business Solutions can help your organization identify flexibility in your operations that can participate in this opportunity so you aren’t leaving money on the table.

Our unrivaled technology for demand side energy management in combination with our deep market expertise can help you gain even more value from your demand response program. Our advanced demand response services use automation and proprietary algorithms that enable participation in more lucrative markets and leverage DERs without disrupting your business operations.

Participate in lucrative revenue opportunities by leveraging automation

Learn how our automated demand side management technology monetizes flexible assets while keeping you in control.
Watch our video and see how our proprietary technology makes it simpler for you to access previously unavailable, quick-response and lucrative market opportunities – maximizing your revenue with automation that keeps you in control and won’t disrupt your processes.

Benefits of advanced demand response

  • Generate more revenue with our automated, advanced DR solution to access more lucrative markets requiring fast response.
  • Utilize DERs for DR participation by leveraging flexibility in your operations to maximize value from your energy assets.
  • Participate without disruption by leveraging on-site generation, such as standby generators, for DR.
  • Maintain control of your assets and operations at all times because your building automation system drives availability.
  • Minimize risk and view curtailment in real-time with energy insights and our desktop/mobile app, PowerRadarTM.

Average additional revenue per MW per year for a large business customer*

Load currently managed in ancillary service markets
<1 year
Typical payback period for participation

*Based on a typical customer participating in PJM SYNC reserve program

Discover how energy load management can power your sustainable growth.

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • Proprietary, superior demand side energy management technology with industry-leading automation and algorithms that maximize value.
  • Fully-managed demand response services that simplify inherent DR market complexity.
  • Unparalleled experience demonstrated through our global presence, long-term relationships, unrivaled technology, and dedicated in-house team.
  • Deep market expertise and top-tier customer experience to identify the most revenue-generating opportunities for energy.
  • Ongoing support provided by our dedicated Demand Response Operations team.
4 ISOs
Access across 4 ISOs in North America
10 yrs
Our proven track record in DR markets
Total DR load under management in North America

Complete planning and performance visibility with PowerRadar

Learn more about our industry-leading demand side energy management software that brings the intelligence and visibility you need to understand and analyze your entire energy infrastructure – and maximizes your demand response program.


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