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Utility Efficiency Partner Solutions
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Utility Efficiency Partner Solutions

We provide the technical expertise and turnkey services utilities need to design, promote and implement their customer energy efficiency programs.

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We become an integral part of your team – lending our expertise to program management, lead generation, installation, and quality control to maximize the success of every customer energy efficiency program.

Our industry-leading technology and expertise enable utilities to offer the latest efficiency products and services to customers.

Benefits of an efficiency program

  • Reduced demand – successful efficiency programs reduce energy demand, which supports grid reliability and resiliency. 
  • Reduced costs – energy efficiency is the least expensive way to source new electricity.
  • Happier customers – energy efficiency upgrades dramatically reduce participating customers’ monthly utility bills.
  • Cleaner environment – many utility efficiency programs facilitate the use of renewable power, which reduces greenhouse gasses.
Net incremental energy savings from utility programs
20 TWh
Electricity reduction achieved through utility efficiency programs
Average peak demand reduction from energy savings programs

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • One team – we become an integral part of the utility team, bringing unparalleled experience and expertise to each efficiency program.
  • Key insights – we build systems that monitor real time program activity, energy savings and program costs, providing a valuable perspective on how things are working and where the next opportunities lie.
  • Guaranteed performance – we manage all aspects of the program so that we can guarantee positive results.
1 M
MWh optimized through utility programs
$129 M
Total energy savings
Average Net Promoter/Recommendation Score

Delivering for your organization

Find out how we work to meet your objectives.
We help your organization assemble the right technology to achieve your economic and environmental goals – using our unique combination of full lifecycle support, flexible financing and end-to-end accountability.