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Redefining energy resilient commercial real estate

Redefining energy resilient commercial real estate

The conversation at the BOMA International Conference & Expo focused on the need for innovation to shape the commercial real estate industry, with energy resilience at the top of the requirements list.

Our team recently attended the 2018 BOMA International Conference & Expo, a multi-day experiential summit in San Antonio. Along with hundreds of commercial real estate experts, we got the inside scoop on the future of the industry and how Centrica Business Solutions can help customers get there, faster.

Here’s what we learned.

The challenge

Commercial real estate moves at a breakneck pace. And while this speed is great for customers, keeping updated on the latest technology solutions and regulatory impacts can be a challenge for businesses or building owners. With energy resilience at the top of the requirements list for many buildings, companies are required to be compliant but often with little guidance.

Building owners and property managers expressed the following high-level concerns:

  1. How they implement better amenities which lead to tenant retention and to higher lease rates
  2. How they reduce operating expenses through energy savings and other services
  3. How they can mitigate risk by using tried and true products, but still explore the latest technologies

So, how do we solve this?

The opportunity

Though energy resilience requirements may already be in place, options to improve resilience at facilities are plentiful and can be overwhelming. It helps to find a partner who’s done their research, and that’s why now, more than ever, solidifying strategic partnerships is critical to the success of your business. Not only will a partnership with Centrica Business Solutions allow you to secure your business resilience and ensure compliance, the implementation of innovative solutions will ultimately reduce costs and boost operational performance and, potentially, revenues and tenant retention.

The solutions

Through collaboration with a partner like Centrica Business Solutions, you can create energy resilience solutions that future-proof your business. Whether that’s through energy-based solutions or technology solutions, the conversation at the BOMA International Conference & Expo focused on the need for innovation to shape the commercial real estate industry.

Here are some of our takeaways from our favorite sessions.

Driving Better Buildings Through Connectivity

As more and more municipalities require routine energy audits, finding innovative ways to manage and maintain appropriate Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a rising priority. To solve this, and to support the requirements of tenants—many of whom look for residences with Energy Star ratings—the implementation of energy conservation measures (ECM), is crucial. This process allows business owners to install building management systems (BMS) that optimize system operations while also providing a great experience to those visiting the space.

Transforming Existing Buildings into High-Performance Properties

Proactively conducting energy audits and retro-commissioning your properties allow for the identification and implementation of no-cost or low-cost solutions that reduce energy consumption. Whether that’s through repairing and optimizing older equipment (rather than replacing) or implementing new energy processes, you can improve building performance while also bolstering tenant satisfaction and retention.

Centrica Business Solutions and Direct Energy Business teams at BOMA 2018

Our Centrica Business Solutions and Direct Energy Business teams were ready to help businesses and building owners solve their biggest energy challenges.

Significant Reductions in Energy Use with Energy Monitoring

Centrica Business Solutions presented one of our case studies alongside Sieben Energy Associates, a value-added reseller (VAR) for our energy insight solution, Panoramic Power, in the Solutions Showcase. Syed Suhail, CEM, from Sieben Energy Associates, discussed how The Franklin in Chicago used Panoramic Power sensors from Centrica Business Solutions to deliver monitoring-based energy efficiency, correct operational problems, and reduce annual energy use by more than 3 million kWh.

Building engineers often struggle to gain insight into energy usage, as we did at The Franklin in Chicago. Sieben Energy Associates' analytics platform utilized Panoramic Power wireless sensors to help visualize real-time energy usage and identify anomalies in the building HVAC operations. The combination of wireless sensor data and analytics resulted into a significant amount of energy savings.”
Syed Suhail, CEM, Sieben Energy Associates

So, whether you’re a building owner, property or asset manager, leasing agent, engineer, developer or architect, we can help you determine the right energy strategy for success. Whether that’s extending tenant retention through the use of better amenities or reducing overhead costs through energy savings, we’re experienced and confident in our ability to help you manage energy requirements.

Learn more about how Centrica Business Solutions can help.