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Energy efficiency and solar ROIs

Energy efficiency and solar ROIs

Utilize data-driven actionable insights to form a comprehensive energy efficiency strategy that boosts the ROI of your solar investment.

Are you stalled with your energy efficiency measures? Energy efficiency involves thinking strategically about your energy consumption and taking greater control of its usage at your organization. A detailed energy strategy based on data-driven insights can offer real competitive advantage by lowering your operating expenses and boosting performance – especially when paired with a solar PV (photovoltaic) installation to generate the power needed to run your business.

Managing energy spend is critical for the optimization of business expenses, and defining a long-term strategy that identifies inefficiencies and potential areas for improvement can help you better manage your energy infrastructure. When implemented correctly, these improvements can dramatically increase the return-on-investment (ROI) of your solar PV installation.

The relationship between energy efficiency and solar returns

When you implement energy efficiency measures that reduce power waste and improve performance, your daily operations consume less electricity. This alone offers instant utility bill savings by reducing operating costs, which is why most energy-efficient improvements pay for themselves very quickly. Energy efficiency offers direct savings, but it can also offer indirect savings if you decide to invest in a solar solution to generate clean, efficient power for use onsite.

One of the first items that our team of experts determines when evaluating the solar potential of a business is how much energy the business consumes to run their operations. That amount is taken into consideration by our design team as they custom-design a solar PV system for the property – the goal is to provide a solar PV system that maximizes the organization’s available solar resource to offset as much grid power with clean, efficient solar power as an alternative.

But what would happen if the organization reduced its energy consumption?

Reduced power consumption and minimizing power waste means you’ll need to invest in fewer solar PV panels to offset the power you draw from the grid and cover a higher portion of your current energy expenses with solar power generated onsite. If you’re able to reduce your power consumption by 25%, this roughly translates to a 25% smaller solar PV installation. Any upfront costs of your solar installation are reduced, along with your payback period.

Energy efficiency and solar power generation work together to optimize your energy and maximize your investment on your energy infrastructure. Why pay more for a larger solar PV system when you can, as a first step, use actionable insights to decrease energy spend by identifying energy inefficiencies and waste?

Use data-driven intelligence to form an energy efficiency strategy that maximizes your solar investment

When you choose Centrica Business Solutions to be your energy partner, our expert advisors will recommend any number of energy efficiency improvements to help you conserve electricity and reduce waste. We’ll audit your energy footprint, identify inefficiencies and potential areas for improvement, and use the intelligence to form a comprehensive energy savings plan. For example, we helped Miller Motorcars in Connecticut install LED lighting in their service center – this enhancement lowered their energy expenses by working alongside their solar installation to draw less energy from the grid. 

Our Energy Insight solution provides businesses with complete and detailed visibility into their energy consumption and performance, enabling them to benchmark usage, identify inefficiencies, and spot opportunities for growth.

By optimizing your energy now, you can reduce your upfront solar PV system costs and speed up your payback period from investing in efficient energy solutions.

Remember that each improvement:

  • Saves you money directly (by lowering your utility bill and operating expenses)
  • Saves you money indirectly (by reducing the number of solar PV panels required, maximizing your investment)

If you’d like to begin an cost-effective energy efficiency strategy and boost the ROI of your solar installation, contact our team for a free consultation. Our expert installation team is more than happy to help you maximize the return on your solar investment.