Save money on your organisation’s electricity supply with cost-effective, sustainable and reliable energy.

Could your organisation unlock new value from your assets? Transform your business' unused roof or ground space into a source of renewable energy. With potential electricity cost savings of up to 30%, now is the right time to start saving with Solar.

We have over 20 years of experience installing large-scale Solar systems of over 500kW, with expertise in design, deployment, financing and maintenance.

solar sites installed in the UK, totalling over 90MW
20 YRS
of experience in our team of installing solar in the UK
potential electricity cost savings for your organisation
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renewable energy source, with no carbon emissions

Why choose Centrica Business Solutions for your Solar PV system?

  • No upfront capital required with our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
  • Deploy an end-to-end solution with our in-house capability to design, install, finance and maintain Solar
  • Enjoy a full turnkey solution designed with long-term operations and maintenance in mind
  • Manage risk with 24/7 remote monitoring of your Solar PV system
  • Benefit from our 20 years of expertise and experience installing large-scale Solar PV systems of over 500kW

Financing your solar ambitions

Download the brochure

Solar PV is more accessible than ever before, thanks to our flexible, transparent and simple-to-understand financing option. Download our brochure to find out about how we can help you to fund your solar PV installation.

Cover of the financed solar brochure
Learn more about how we're using on-site Solar to achieve our goal of becoming net zero by 2045.

Benefits of Solar for your business

  • Lower your electricity costs by up to 30% with reduced grid energy consumption
  • Mitigate against energy price volatility by bringing your energy generation onsite
  • Power your organisation with 100% renewable energy and no greenhouse gas emissions
  • Utilise low carbon energy to offset your grid consumption by typically 50%
  • Gain budget stability through predictable electricity costs and accurate forecasting of operating expenses
  • Monetise underused assets by installing large-scale Solar on ground or roof space
  • Generate revenue by selling excess solar energy to the grid
How does Solar work?
How Solar works
24/7 remote monitoring and O&M can help you to protect your Solar investment now and into the future
Next steps for your Solar PV installation

We'll provide you with a service tailored to your organisation, maximising savings and efficiency.

Four stages to completing a Solar PV installation

Take advantage of a 100% renewable energy source

Watch our video to find out why investing in large-scale Solar should be an integral part of your energy strategy.

Generate cost-efficient electricity on-site with no CO2 emissions.   

Contact our team today to learn how Solar can help you to manage costs, stay resilient, and decarbonise

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