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Unlock financial benefits with the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) can enable business to implement renewable heating systems in their organisation.

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a government programme established to support organisations to use renewable heat within their business. Businesses receive financial incentives to support the 2020 ambition of 12% of heating coming from a renewable source.

The decarbonisation of the UK electricity grid is helping businesses to reduce carbon emissions associated with their energy use, but it is also presenting new challenges. Organisations which use more natural gas are seeing their carbon emissions rise relative to their peers, and will look to methods of reducing that carbon emissions.

There’s now an undeniable preference for renewable generation, in line with the focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and meeting international commitments. As the UK continues to change its focus towards greener energy, businesses are looking to follow that shift. The UK has retired almost all oil and coal fired generators with the last coal fired generator set to retire by 2025 at the latest.


The RHI is applicable for small and large businesses, hospitals, schools, and organisations with district heating schemes where one heating system serves multiple homes.

There are a number of eligible technologies that can access the RHI scheme, solar thermal schemes below 200kW, geothermal energy generating schemes, heat pumps including; air to water, ground to water and ground source and water source schemes, solid biomass and biogas combustion for heat are all included.

Heat pumps and RHI

Heat pumps offer an alternative to ‘conventional’ gas fuelled heating systems; for every 1 unit of electricity it uses, a heat pump will typically deliver between 3 and 5 units of heat. They also come with the added benefit that they can be configured to satisfy the cooling requirements of business as well as the heat requirements simultaneously.

Heat pumps will enable organisations to reduce their carbon emissions and energy spend, as well as their reliance on fossil fuel natural gas. Centrica Business Solutions has a proven track record in successfully delivering heat pump installations. Our heat pumps can utilise a range of heat sources including: air source, ground source, ground water source, water source and waste heat source; and can deliver a wide range of temperatures from 30°C to 165°C. We offer a range of financing solutions and full operation and maintenance packages to support the heat pump application. 

Find out how we can help your business benefit from the RHI