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Energising a greener future: How data, onsite generation and leadership strengthen energy control

Learn how 500 organisations are strengthening energy control, to combat volatility, reduce costs and deliver on net zero.

Ongoing geopolitical and economic turmoil is disrupting energy markets and net zero plans, making energy management more complex than ever before. Organisations are being forced to learn to live with uncertainty – but how can you get more control over your energy?

This report explores the steps you can take to overcome organisational barriers and strengthen energy control. From harnessing artificial intelligence, to grasping the most promising partnership opportunities, to ways of funding onsite energy generation plans – it provides practical steps that your organisation can take to control energy cost and accelerate your decarbonisation strategy.

Key research findings include:
of organisations claim to have good control of their energy consumption
Action is planned:
intend to increase onsite generation capabilities over the next two years
But almost
of organisations say decision makers fail to see the business case

How the report can help you

With greater energy control, your organisation could:

  • Track and respond to energy demands more effectively
  • Predict future costs with confidence
  • Lower carbon emissions to meet your net zero goals.

However, significant barriers stand in the way: uninformed leaders struggle to make the right investment decisions; energy management functions are overwhelmed by vast amounts of data; and financing new onsite generation technologies remains a challenge. These barriers are making energy management and control a real challenge, and this is significantly impacting business growth.

This report is based on a survey of 500 organisations across Europe, alongside practical advice from leading manufacturers Kimberley-Clark and Nestlé, alongside top leisure company PureGym. It explores the steps your organisation can take to overcome the headwinds you're currently facing; and provides clear recommendations on the steps you can take today to control energy cost and deliver on your net zero goals.

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