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How to tackle risks on the path to net zero

Download our latest report to learn how your organisation can prepare to keep up with regulatory change and innovation, as you work towards your net zero goals.

In the past two years, new regulations have launched that give organisations strict — but welcome — guidelines for net zero. The mood among executives is optimistic, and many organisations are now planning to ramp up their net zero strategies.

But the path to net zero is not straightforward, and some organisations are struggling to prioritise actions today, as they come under growing pressure from stakeholders and grapple with a tough macroeconomic environment. Yet organisations that don’t keep up to date with technology upgrades will risk falling short of compliance and exposure to higher emissions costs.

This report can help you to prepare the business case for more sustainable operations now, so you’re ready when compliance targets come into force and the price of carbon emissions goes up.

Research findings:

We surveyed 300 European executives to find out how they plan to overcome compliance, cost and technology challenges in the pursuit of net zero. Our research found that:


of organisations say they are under increasing pressure to address environmental concerns, and...

of organisations say they are prioritising Scope 1 and 2 compliance in their net zero strategy, but...

of organisations believe that access to funding for the energy transition is still a challenge

Steps to net zero risk management

Watch the video

Prepare the business case for more sustainable operations now, and be ready when compliance targets come into force and the price of carbon emissions goes up.

Watch the video for a preview of some of the steps your business can take to help balance profitability with regulatory compliance and progress on net zero.


Read our case study booklet to see how we're helping organisations on their net zero journey
Speak to our expert team to see how we can help you deliver your decarbonisation strategy

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