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How can organisations find a cost-effective path to net zero?

Download our new report to learn how organisations can keep energy costs manageable without losing momentum on delivering their decarbonisation strategy.

Some organisations are finding it hard to keep up momentum towards net zero, because of immediate cost pressures and unpredictability. But leaders need to recognise that their energy cost and net zero ambitions do not have to conflict: decarbonisation and cost efficiency still work together. And organisations that step off the path to net zero because they think they cannot afford it are making a mistake.

In our fourth year of surveying organisations about their energy plans, we explore the steps organisations can take to pursue the twin goals of energy cost efficiency and sustainability. 

About the research

We surveyed 500 organisations across 5 countries and 7 industries and asked about their current decarbonisation strategy, and how their net zero ambitions have been affected by the energy crisis. Our report explores how investment in decarbonisation can give organisations the efficiency and predictability they crave.

of organisations say that the cost of energy is currently a more pressing issue than sustainability, but…

of organisations say their investors and shareholders are more in favour of investing in renewable energy than ever before, and…

of organisations believe consumers want to do business with organisations that offer sustainable goods and services

Will there be repercussions for delaying net zero goals?

Watch the video

Christian Stella, Director at Centrica Business Solutions, discusses why decarbonisation makes good business sense, and why organisations should act now.

Steps to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions

In tough times, organisations naturally slip into defensive mode. They step back from long-term strategic goals in favour of tactical responses to immediate pressures. But despite immediate cost pressures, you should try to keep your decarbonisation strategy in focus.

The good news is that many new technologies can help you to both reduce business energy costs and shrink your carbon footprint. Although these investments typically come with upfront costs, many of these investments now have shorter payback times, and there are many financing options available too. When implementing new technologies, a four stage process is typically taken:

  • Baseline your portfolio’s emissions Define your science-based carbon reduction plan
  • Identify and take action on excess energy usage or waste to streamline your spend and emissions
  • Implement onsite renewable energy generation solutions to power your business
  • Complete your pathway with accredited off-site renewable instruments and greenhouse gas removal offsets

Download your copy of the report for insights that will help you to build your business case for decarbonisation, while also aligning with your energy cost efficiency and predictability goals.

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